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n. pl. mon·te·ros
A hunter's cap with side flaps.

[Spanish, hunter, from monte, mountain, from Latin mōns, mont-; see mountain.]


(mɒnˈtɛərəʊ; Spanish monˈtero)
n, pl -ros (-rəʊz; Spanish -ros)
(Clothing & Fashion) a round cap with a flap at the back worn by hunters, esp in Spain in the 17th and 18th centuries
[C17: from Spanish, literally: mountaineer]


(mɒnˈtɛər oʊ)

n., pl. -te•ros.
a Spanish hunter's cap, round in shape and having an earflap.
[1615–25; < Sp, derivative of montero huntsman, literally, mountaineer =monte mount2 + -ero < Latin -ārius -ary]
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Another party, headed by a leader named Montero, was to proceed to the Crow country, trap upon its various streams, and among the Black Hills, and thence to proceed to the Arkansas, where he was to go into winter quarters.
He intended to make another expedition, with twenty-three men to the lower part of the Columbia River, and to proceed to the valley of the Multnomah; after wintering in those parts, and establishing a trade with those tribes, among whom he had sojourned on his first visit, he would return in the spring, cross the Rocky Mountains, and join Montero and his party in the month of July, at the rendezvous of the Arkansas; where he expected to receive his annual supplies from the States.
12 March 2018 - Canadian miner Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd.
Panglao, Bohol - A casualt employee of the local government unit here blatantly removed the Department of the Interior and Local Government's (DILG) dismissal order against Mayor Leonila Montero which was posted outside her office last week.
JEFFERSON Montero has revealed that Getafe have told him he does not feature in their plans for the rest of season.
According to the offer, which will last until February 9, customers purchasing Montero Sport model will receive a cash gift of RO3,795.
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) has today announced the delivery of 26 new Mitsubishi Montero Sport units to the Davao City Police,
Fuertes, who received the 'notice to assume' on Tuesday, told Inquirer that he would continue the projects started by Montero.
It is the company provider of infrastructure operation, conservation and management in the Grana y Montero Group.
They will subsequently receive a price on the spot and an opportunity to book one of three new vehicles -- a Pajero, Montero Sport GLS or a Lancer EX GLX -- all of which will be sold at affordable prices.
Chicago's Ben Zobrist opened the bottom of the eighth with a double and Jason Heyward and pinch-hitter Chris Coghlan were intentionally walked by Blanton, setting the stage for Montero to send an 0-2 pitch over the right field wall.
En relacion con la carta del senor Raul Gutierrez y Montero, publicada el pasado domingo, por medio de la cual se queja de "trato inhumano" en la atencion medica de la Unidad de Medicina Familiar numero 61, en Leon, Guanajuato, el IMSS aclara que tal senalamiento no tiene sustento.