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Middleaged men would start ignoring the urge to remove their tops in public, leaving their sun-burned tattoos and moobs unexposed and our eyeballs unsullied.
'It is an interesting concept, but I think the reality is you are more likely to develop 'moobs' from a lack of exercise rather than the estrogen in the beer.'
On the embarrassment moobs cause, he added: "A lot of men suffer from an imbalance in hormones and end up having breast tissue.
I decided to go down the surgery route even though it was life changing and not life saving." He said losing his moobs gave him the confidence to carry on in TV.
Even my comedy monolgue will be positive - there's only so many times I can make jokes about Simon Cowell's saggy moobs.
In Toon with fashion Newcastle's Florian Thauvin arrives in style for the clash with Arsenal, adding a touch of class not seen at St James' Park since snow forced hardened Toon Army footsoldiers to cover up their beer bellies and moobs in the 2009 big freeze.
and nobody wants to see their sizeable male following showing off their moobs.
Those with male breasts or "moobs" are reducing the size of their moobs and are tightening up the skin in those parts.
London, September 24 ( ANI ): Asda has launched the first all in one body shaper for men that has been likened to spanx, a popular trimming and slimming underwear for women, which could make "moobs" and guts a thing of the past.
Beaches, swimming pools and back gardens will be a spectacle of manly moobs, beer bellies, budgie smugglers and sunburnt backs.