Moon face

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a round face like a full moon.

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Father Brown turned his moon face up to the narrow facade of the house and blinked hopelessly up.
Michaelis, the ticket-of-leave apostle, smiled vaguely with his glued lips; his pasty moon face drooped under the weight of melancholy assent.
The earth had come to rest with one face to the sun, even as in our own time the moon faces the earth.
It starts with his big moon face lamenting the fact 'a lady' is coming to do his make-up and might smell the bathroom - and eventually ends with footage of him on his hands and knees, crouched over the toilet.
But after I was diagnosed I was on steroids and this caused me to have a moon face.
He registered his print with his unforgettable participation and performance in Egyptian series such as Zizenia and "Wagh Al-Qamar" (The Moon Face) with the late actress Faten Hamama.
Al Masri was able to spread his name across the entire Pan-Arab region through dramatic works such as "El Gama'a 2" (The Brotherhood) Part 2, in which he co-operated with famed scenarist Wahid Hamed and achieved phenomenal success, along with "Kaf el Qamar" (Moon Face) and others.
In spring and summer, bass were found in deeper depths during the second (26 to 50 percent waxing moon face) and third (51 to 75 percent waxing moon face) moon quarters.