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also moon cake  (mo͞on′kāk′)
A small dense pastry filled with bean paste, ground lotus seeds, or other ingredients, traditionally eaten during the Chinese moon festival.

[Translation of Mandarin yuèbǐng (yuè, moon + bǐng, flatbread, cake) and its equivalents in other varieties of Chinese, such as Cantonese jyut6 beng2.]
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(ˈmuːnkeɪk) or

moon cake

(Cookery) a type of cake that is eaten during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
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A1/2 c bean paste (can be bought locally in Chinese stores: mooncake filling)
Jevelin Mooncake (Ana Bray): Chitin Powder, Sharp Flavor and Essence of Dawning
The Level 3 classifications of pastry include traditional pastry, western-style pastry, biscuit, puffed food, mooncake, and so on.
The establishment of the IPCMC was due to the many complaints against the police force, he told reporters after attending the Mooncake Festival at Taman Mawar market here last night.
The Newbery Honor-winning author and illustrator pays tribute to this celestial sphere once again in her latest picture book, A Big Mooncake for Little Star.
The lounge is known for giving its guests a chance to experience Singaporean culture, featuring real orchids, a display of Peranakan porcelain plus artwork depicting local scenes, decorating the lounge - which also hosts regular events, (such as serving fresh mooncakes during the Mooncake festival) ensuring that visitors are treated to a unique experience each time they enter the lounge.
During the week, people reunite with families and enjoy a traditional dessert, the mooncake.
In addition, it conducted several marketing activities such as brand building, promotions and consumer loyalty programmes such as Dynamic Dance Competition, Mooncake Festival Celebration and Yeo's Funderful Video Making Contest to enhance the company's brand image.
In Equivalent: Round is a this colorful book, you can go on Pre-K--K mooncake: A book of a shape-finding adventure with shapes.
Celebrate the Chinese mid-autumn Mooncake festival this month by buying a special cake from Li Jiang at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal.
Among the topics are self-fashioning in Chinese American children's and young adult literature, an ecocritical approach to China Men, her confessional poetics in To Be the Poet, the engaged aesthetics of her Fifth Book of Peace, and the afterlife of Woman Warrior and Marilyn Chin's Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen.
Called by numerous names like Mooncake Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival is held on the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.