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 (mo͞on′kăf′, -käf′)
1. A fool.
2. A freak.

[Earlier, unformed embryo (from the supposed influence of the moon).]


n, pl -calves (-ˌkɑːvz)
1. a born fool; dolt
2. a person who idles time away
3. obsolete a freak or monster


(ˈmunˌkæf, -ˌkɑf)

n., pl. -calves.
a foolish person.
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One deficient in judgment and good sense:
Informal: dope, gander, goose.
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As for the maturation narrative, "adolescence" is a misleadingly trivializing middle term, since self-consciousness, in Hartman's account, has nothing to do with mooncalf self-absorption and bears rather on the very possibility of self-knowledge.
The book is perhaps too odd to ever quite be a classic, but in any sane literary firmament it would count as a major mooncalf anticlassic.
More than just a detached observer, Justice Overdo also actively collaborates with city dwellers like Mooncalf in his search for legal proof, as when he slips into thieves' cant to ask the cunning boy whether Knockem is 'a knight of the knife' (2.
THE MOONCALF I met a bumpkin on a bench, set by the beck-side's edge, Where loose-limbed lovers tickle trout and water wagtails fledge, His beard was flecked with spider's web, and little bits of straw, And on his face he bore the scars of 90 years or more.