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Any of several vines of the genus Ipomoea having trumpet-shaped flowers that open at night.
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1. (Plants) any of several night-blooming convolvulaceous plants, esp the white-flowered Calonyction (or Ipomoea) aculeatum
2. (Plants) Also called: angels' tears a Mexican solanaceous plant, Datura suaveolens, planted in the tropics for its white night-blooming flowers
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(ˈmunˌflaʊ ər)

any of various vines of the morning glory family, having fragrant white flowers that bloom at night.
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Noun1.moonflower - pantropical climber having white fragrant nocturnal flowersmoonflower - pantropical climber having white fragrant nocturnal flowers
morning glory - any of various twining vines having funnel-shaped flowers that close late in the day
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Hang Reth, the manager of the Moonflower Bungalows, which is located on Sihanoukville's Otres beach, claimed that few Chinese tourists came to his guesthouse.
One species, the Hawaiian moonflower, lives only in the dry forests of Hawaii - but its closest relatives all live in Mexico.
Also sow some seeds of moonflower Ipomoea alba - a night bloomer with fragrant white flowers, perfect around windows and doors and in sitting areas.
Tew, "Antimuscarinic intoxication resulting from the ingestion of moonflower seeds," Annals of Pharmacotherapy, vol.
With the help of the Fairy Moonflower (Sally Collett), his brother Silly Simon (Paul Hartley) Aladdin at Whitley Bay Playhouse and his mother Dame Trott (Paul Dunn), Jack must climb a giant beanstalk, storm a castle in the clouds and defeat that angry giant.
I am pale like a moonflower, university-bound, with nothing in my stomach and no one in my heart.
Ipomoea alba, the aptly named moonflower, is fragrant and will open by night and close up by midday - great for planting around patios and up a trellis.
Wood & Moonflower, Bonfire Beach, Coconut Cotton, Coconut Flower,
An inverse crisis occurs when things get botanical--wanting to distance herself as far as possible from stodgy Latin nomenclature, Clampitt favors common American names: foxtail, needlegrass, dropseed, hawkweed, rose-hips, and moonflower all appear in the poem "Fog." In cases where no equivalent could be found, rather than sacrifice such color I mimicked the common name in Italian and paved over the confusion with a footnote--as I did with "The Sun Underfoot Among the Sundews," where the common English name "sundews," for the carnivorous plant "drosera," basically leverages the entire poem.