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The light reflected from the surface of the moon.
intr.v. moon·light·ed, moon·light·ing, moon·lights Informal
To work at another job, often at night, in addition to one's full-time job.

moon′light′er n.
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1. (Astronomy) Also called: moonshine light from the sun received on earth after reflection by the moon
2. (Astronomy) (modifier) illuminated by the moon: a moonlight walk.
3. short for moonlight flit
vb, -lights, -lighting or -lighted
(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) (intr) informal to work at a secondary job, esp at night, and often illegitimately
ˈmoonˌlighter n
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1. the light of the moon.
2. to work at an additional job after one's regular, full-time employment, as at night.
[1325–75; Middle English monelight]
moon′light`er, n.
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Past participle: moonlighted
Gerund: moonlighting

I moonlight
you moonlight
he/she/it moonlights
we moonlight
you moonlight
they moonlight
I moonlighted
you moonlighted
he/she/it moonlighted
we moonlighted
you moonlighted
they moonlighted
Present Continuous
I am moonlighting
you are moonlighting
he/she/it is moonlighting
we are moonlighting
you are moonlighting
they are moonlighting
Present Perfect
I have moonlighted
you have moonlighted
he/she/it has moonlighted
we have moonlighted
you have moonlighted
they have moonlighted
Past Continuous
I was moonlighting
you were moonlighting
he/she/it was moonlighting
we were moonlighting
you were moonlighting
they were moonlighting
Past Perfect
I had moonlighted
you had moonlighted
he/she/it had moonlighted
we had moonlighted
you had moonlighted
they had moonlighted
I will moonlight
you will moonlight
he/she/it will moonlight
we will moonlight
you will moonlight
they will moonlight
Future Perfect
I will have moonlighted
you will have moonlighted
he/she/it will have moonlighted
we will have moonlighted
you will have moonlighted
they will have moonlighted
Future Continuous
I will be moonlighting
you will be moonlighting
he/she/it will be moonlighting
we will be moonlighting
you will be moonlighting
they will be moonlighting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been moonlighting
you have been moonlighting
he/she/it has been moonlighting
we have been moonlighting
you have been moonlighting
they have been moonlighting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been moonlighting
you will have been moonlighting
he/she/it will have been moonlighting
we will have been moonlighting
you will have been moonlighting
they will have been moonlighting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been moonlighting
you had been moonlighting
he/she/it had been moonlighting
we had been moonlighting
you had been moonlighting
they had been moonlighting
I would moonlight
you would moonlight
he/she/it would moonlight
we would moonlight
you would moonlight
they would moonlight
Past Conditional
I would have moonlighted
you would have moonlighted
he/she/it would have moonlighted
we would have moonlighted
you would have moonlighted
they would have moonlighted
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Noun1.moonlight - the light of the Moonmoonlight - the light of the Moon; "moonlight is the smuggler's enemy"; "the Moon was bright enough to read by"
light, visible light, visible radiation - (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"
moon ray, moonbeam, moon-ray - a ray of moonlight
Verb1.moonlight - work a second job, usually after hours; "The law student is moonlighting as a taxi driver"
do work, work - be employed; "Is your husband working again?"; "My wife never worked"; "Do you want to work after the age of 60?"; "She never did any work because she inherited a lot of money"; "She works as a waitress to put herself through college"
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ضَوء القَمَريَعْمَلُ في وَظيفَةٍ ثانِيَه
měsíční svitmít druhé zaměstnání
holdfényholdvilágmásodállást vállal
mesačný svitpracovať v druhom zamestnanírobiť fušky
Ay ışığıgece ikinci bir iş yapmakmehtap


A. Nluz f de la luna
by moonlight; in the moonlighta la luz de la luna
B. VIpracticar el pluriempleo
he moonlights as a taxi driveren sus ratos libres trabaja de taxista
C. CPD moonlight flit N (Brit) → mudanza f a la chita callando
to do a moonlight flitlargarse a la chita callando
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nclair m de lune
in the moonlight → au clair de lune
vitravailler au noir pour compléter ses ressources
She moonlighted as a waitress → Elle travaillait au noir comme serveuse pour compléter ses ressources.
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1. nchiaro di luna
in the moonlight → al chiaro di luna
2. vi (fam) → fare del lavoro nero
3. adj (walk) → al chiaro di luna
to do a moonlight flit (Brit) (fam) traslocare di notte per non pagare l'affitto
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(muːn) noun
1. the heavenly body that moves once round the earth in a month and reflects light from the sun. The moon was shining brightly; Spacemen landed on the moon.
2. any of the similar bodies moving round the other planets. the moons of Jupiter.
ˈmoonless adjective
(of a night) dark and having no moonlight.
ˈmoonbeam noun
a beam of light reflected from the moon.
ˈmoonlight noun, adjective
(made with the help of) the light reflected by the moon. The sea looked silver in the moonlight; a moonlight raid.
to work at a second job, often at night, in addition to one's regular job. He earns so little that he has to moonlight.
moonlighting noun
ˈmoonlit adjective
lit by the moon. a moonlit hillside.
moon about/around
to wander around as if dazed, eg because one is in love.
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References in classic literature ?
The trees that fringed the shore on either hand murmured their sweet sylvan music in the night air; the moonlight trembled softly on the rippling water.
A hundred yards away was a straight road, showing white in the moonlight. Endeavoring to orient himself, as a surveyor or navigator might say, the man moved his eyes slowly along its visible length and at a distance of a quarter-mile to the south of his station saw, dim and gray in the haze, a group of horsemen riding to the north.
Through the foliage that roofed the little summer-house the moonlight flickered to and fro, and fell silvery white on the dark floor, the table, and the circular bench, with a continual shift and play, according as the chinks and wayward crevices among the twigs admitted or shut out the glimmer.
Thus there is another gale in my memory, a thing of endless, deep, humming roar, moonlight, and a spoken sentence.
This offered itself in the village of Ashtabula, in the northeastern part of the State, and there we all found ourselves one moonlight night of early summer.
I looked out over the beautiful expanse, bathed in soft yellow moonlight till it was almost as light as day.
In the sad moonlight, she clasped him by the neck, and laid her face upon his breast.
It was bright moonlight, and I felt just like getting up and going out to the orchard.
Meanwhile too I had made the acquaintance of the charming lady Obstacle,--as it proved so unfair to call her,--and by some process of natural magnetism we had immediately won each other's hearts, so that on the moonlight night on which I took the river path with my brown-paper parcel there was no misgiving in my heart,--nothing but harping and singing, and blessings on the river that seemed all silver with the backs of magic trout.
Feasting and merry-making followed; then, as the evening waned, Fred and Diana drove away through the moonlight to their new home, and Gilbert walked with Anne to Green Gables.
It was so light that he could see the moonlight reflected from the metal harness disks and from the eyes of the horses, who looked round in alarm at the noisy party under the shadow of the porch roof.
The seats were full at dinner again, the domino parties were complete, and the life and bustle on the upper deck in the fine moonlight at night was like old times--old times that had been gone weeks only, but yet they were weeks so crowded with incident, adventure and excitement, that they seemed almost like years.