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1. A view or picture of the surface of the moon. Also called lunarscape.
2. A desolate landscape.


(Astronomy) the general surface of the moon or a representation of it



1. the general appearance of the surface of the moon.
2. an artistic representation of this.
3. a desolate land area.
[1925–30; moon + (land) scape]


[ˈmuːnˌskeɪp] Npaisaje m lunar
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All around the cars, the waste clinker formed a gritty moonscape that begged to be explored, hidden in, or crawled through on your belly, commando style.
Slag and waste from Palmer's shipyard and iron works in Jarrow would be dumped here, turning the land into a virtual moonscape.
Racing across the rugged moonscape, Jaq and Kate battle their way through Hades to Tiamat's lair and the ultimate showdown for the life and soul of their daughter.
There is small gravity inside you; I spring across your moonscape, pin your wrists above the bed.
Helen Jowett, of RSPB Conwy, said: "RSPB Conwy was once a muddy moonscape when it was first established in the 1990s but has since developed into an important landmark for the local community.
The crystalline waters give a good view of the moonscape beneath which tumbles off to invisible depths.
I fear for my elderly geldings who get so depressed standing on that frozen moonscape with their achy old-man legs that they sometimes stop eating, stop taking the short walk to the trough.
volcanic moonscape Driving north for 20 minutes we hit the Timanfaya National Park with its amazing volcanic moonscape.
MOONSCAPE Beinn a'Chaolais and Aonach-bheinn (Paps of Jura) in winter, across the Abhainn Mhor
In a single day at the Battle of the Somme in 1916, 100,000 British troops plodded across a cratered moonscape into steady machinegun volleys from German trenches.
I can, however, see the advantage of surfing the web to visit faraway places - the Taj Mahal, whale watching off the coast of Oregon, gazing at the moonscape of Iceland, relaxing while watching bathing beauties on a sun-kissed beach, enjoying the craic in a Dublin bar.
ON a moonscape mountain in Provence, Chris Froome paid the perfect tribute to Britain's tragic Tour de France martyr.