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1. A view or picture of the surface of the moon. Also called lunarscape.
2. A desolate landscape.


(Astronomy) the general surface of the moon or a representation of it



1. the general appearance of the surface of the moon.
2. an artistic representation of this.
3. a desolate land area.
[1925–30; moon + (land) scape]


[ˈmuːnˌskeɪp] Npaisaje m lunar
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Thus, in the slide projection (an antiquated technology in itself) Investigating the Co/or Spectrum of a Post-Apocalyptic Future Landscape, 2013, the photographs, taken on Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, suggest moonscapes.
It features works by various footloose photographers who have had that magical tryst with the land of the moonscapes, and have come back with pictures that continue to mesmerise those who haven't been there.
There's some bizarre moonscapes as well which should be different.
Parks back then were varying-sized swimming pools and snake runs, freestyle area and banked slalom, Now they just throw it all together into these moonscapes.
5 Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia): Mindbending moonscapes in the surreal Altiplano.
There were more hardcore science activities as well--such as looking at plant and animal slides under microscopes, crafting volcanic moonscapes out of cornmeal and rocks, learning how to take fingerprints, and creating kaleidoscopes from film canisters, glass slides, colored dots and electrical tape.
But there's the rub - it is still in Highgate Park, which is a dismal place where hardly anyone goes and which Mr Angus, as a visitor from Edinburgh described as 'resembling one of Glasgow's dreariest urban moonscapes.
In between were the volcanic moonscapes where astronauts trained for the moon landings, a Zodiac boat trip in fog On a glacial river choked with icebergs and some of the most beautiful country in the world--barren mountains, beautiful fords, geysers and the exceptional valleys that must have been in mind when the term "fertile valleys" was coined.
He often mentions trees and flowers as part of the living realm and frequently describes moonscapes.
The work takes planters to the most damaged lands, where clearcutting or wildfires have left moonscapes of the ecosystem.