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The event or time of the disappearance of the moon's upper circumferential edge as it sets below the horizon.


(Astronomy) the moment when the moon disappears below the horizon



1. the setting of the moon below the horizon.
2. the time at which this happens.
[1835–45; moon + (sun) set]
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But recently, the moonrise, moonset, and Milky Way caught my interest.
Check the weather and moonrise and moonset timings for your location before you leave, and plan your viewing around it.
This means that though the lunar eclipse would be visible at moonset, inhabitants of the Eastern United States would see it in the morning.
The supermoon can be viewed with the naked eye between the moonrise time over the eastern horizon and the moonset time in the western horizon.
Seattleites might see the star slip behind the Moon about 70 minutes before moonset, but the Moon will only be 10[degrees] high at that time, so there's a good chance the cloud-catching peaks of the Olympic Mountains will interfere.
This morning moonrise/evening moonset pattern will continue right through the end of October.
The moon is] going to affect [the view] negatively but it won't be as much after midnight, [after] the moonset," she said.
Shown are "prime" times of moonrise, moonset, and when moon is directly over and under Lakeland, midpoint of Florida.
Key elements of the lunar cycle that are more likely to control spawning are its periodicity and the timing of moonrise and moonset (Boch et al.
Despite the cloudy weather, moonset was observed when the clouds dispersed and sky became clear.
On these days, feeding windows often last for one to two hours around sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset.
El experimento se llevo a cabo en el Departamento de Fitotecnia, Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico, utilizando como material vegetal frutos de pimiento morron de seis variedades comerciales y tres coloraciones de fruto: Magno (anaranjado), Moonset (amarillo), California (amarillo), Triple 4 (rojo), Triple Star (rojo) y Viper (rojo).