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1. Moonlight.
2. Informal Foolish talk or thought; nonsense.
3. Illegally distilled liquor, especially whiskey. Also called regionally white lightning.
intr.v. moon·shined, moon·shin·ing, moon·shines
To distill and sell liquor illegally.

moon′shin′er n.


(Brewing) US and Canadian the practice of illegally making or smuggling distilled spirits
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Since plans to build Crittenden's Distillery became public, county residents have been sharing tales about the old moonshining days with him.
There are issues of alcoholism, agoraphobia, and an unplanned pregnancy, in addition to the illegal moonshining operation.
"We're not trying to muscle in on any moonshining business!" Described on its website as "handcrafted legal moonshine", Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon moonshine is made from a family recipe belonging to Nascar star Robert Glen Johnson, AKA Junior Johnson.