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1. A walk on the surface of the moon by an astronaut.
2. A dance step in which the dancer creates the illusion of walking forward while actually sliding back one foot at a time.
intr.v. moon·walked, moon·walk·ing, moon·walks
1. To walk on the surface of the moon.
2. To perform the moonwalk dance step.

moon′walk′er n.


1. (Astronomy) a person who walks on the moon's surface
2. a person who dances the moonwalk
3. rare a person who sleepwalks
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The Irish Mirror can reveal for the first time the contents of the tapes, recorded for his autobiography Moonwalker in 1988.
Written by legendary space author Leonard David, entrepreneur Scott Sacknoff, and with a foreword from NASA astronaut and Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, "Space Careers" is specifically designed to provide students and job seekers the information they need to succeed.
Past celebrity attendees have included award-winning movie director Penny Marshall (the very first woman to ever direct a film that grossed $100 million at the box office), NASA astronaut and moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Vanessa Williams, the Baldwin brothers and a plethora of other elite celebrities.
Of particular note, the issue contains a special contribution from Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin and coauthor Leonard David about future human exploration.
Original Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, 82, revealed the details of the Lynx Space Academy and 600,000 pounds prize, the Daily Star reports.
Moonwalker dancer and former Drifters singer Patrick Alan devised the colourful show, which employs styles from ballet to hip hop and is set in a fantasy world that captures elements of New York and Egypt.
He executive-produced the full-length Jackson movie, Moonwalker.
He flew Columbia, along with Apollo 16 moonwalker John Young, on the inaugural test flight in 1981.
1970: The USSR's Luna 17 landed on the Sea of Rains on the moon, and released the first moonwalker vehicle.
This practice of tuning in first to the body, then to the emotions, and finally to the mind, was taught to me by Tu Moonwalker as a re-centering tool.
The Alejandro singer has reportedly been in talks with X-Men director, Bryan Singer, and it is thought she wants the film to be a cross between Michael Jackson's film Moonwalker and Dreamgirls, starring Beyonce.
Other prominent astronauts, including fellow moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, have spoken in favor of President Obama's plan.