mop down

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w>mop down

vt sep wallsabwischen; floorwischen
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The second bid will be to leave mop down roof and add 1/2" of insulation, fix or repair all sewer vents and then apply modified bitman torchdown rubber.
Oh my God, in Acorn Antiques The Musical there were some nights on stage when we were all genuinely nearly wetting ourselves and I used to stop in the middle of my big song and say, 'Can you just mop down the third row?' Every night I just couldn't wait to say the line, 'In the war we had to paint condoms on with gravy browning there was a rubber shortage.' The other line I loved was when a character says, 'I'm just going to log on,' and I said, 'Let me just check there's a clean towel.' Just hilarious.
This World Cup has been different because leading teams have not been able to mop down their counterparts.