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Noun1.mop handle - the handle of a mopmop handle - the handle of a mop      
handgrip, handle, grip, hold - the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it; "he grabbed the hammer by the handle"; "it was an old briefcase but it still had a good grip"
mop, swob, swab - cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors
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Police discovered a broken and bloody mop handle near where she was found, according to NBC News.
He was also handed eight months for bursting a man's head open with a mop handle during an attack in the town's Broomlands Street in August 2017.
* Durable two-piece mop handle with instant assembly and swivel head.
Jaroslaw Janecak - in an attack with a mop handle - he returned to Craiginches and assaulted Kaizer the following day.
The pads come in versions suitable for either standard or biohazardous environments, and the mop handle includes a quick release lever, which means you'll all but eliminate potential contact with whatever nasty fluids you're cleaning up.
Sometimes a production assistant crawls onto the set and gives the mop handle a shake so it looks like the friend is listening.
"Kalubi knocked his victim out cold with a mop handle as trouble flared between two groups at So Club Room in Coventry in the early hours of Sunday May 29 last year.
A MAN who used a mop handle to attack two others has been told he was "unlucky" to be charged with possessing an offensive weapon.
Todashev then grabbed a broomstick or mop handle and charged toward the Massachusetts trooper.
We move her to the recovery room and soon I am back in the OR holding a mop handle rather than the patient's leg.
Inmate turned metal from bin into this Knuckle duster studded with spikes Inmate used wrist support for handle to slashing tool Darts and blow pipe fashioned from mop handle Sharpened ruler becomes stab weapon Razor blades embedded in plastic handles