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intr.v. moped, mop·ing, mopes
1. To think gloomily and persistently about something; be dejected. See Synonyms at brood.
2. To move in a listless or aimless manner, especially from being sad or depressed: moped about the house all summer.
1. A person given to gloomy or dejected moods.
2. mopes Low spirits; the blues. Often used with the.

[Origin unknown.]

mop′er n.
mop′ish, mop′ey adj.
mop′ish·ly adv.


adj, mopier or mopiest
1. dejected; gloomy
2. aimless; idle


(ˈmoʊ pi)

adj. mop•i•er, mop•i•est.
languishing, listless.
mop′i•ness, n.
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And anyway, I'm just not the kind to get all mopey after races.
Their discography consists of bland pop songs with driving guitars as backing music, catchy choruses and mopey lyrics.
Then they go back to being mopey and guilt-ridden over failing their kids and not being good-enough mums.
I like her better though when she's sarcastic than when she is sad and mopey.
But the Thursday-Sunday Euroky-cokey can leave a finely tuned footballer a bit mopey.
ONE OVER 24mins - Evens (Paddy) foM But the Thursday-Sunday Euroky-cokey can leave a finely tuned footballer a bit mopey.
After every Sunday Funday came a Mopey Monday, typically filled with vicious arguments with myself.
He's played everything from a mopey folk singer in Inside Llewyn Davis to a dashing space pilot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and also picked up a Golden Globe for his performance in this six-part miniseries, which is based on a true story.
Poor Adele is too content to write any new mopey material.
2, Steve Cotterill, they're both very positive guys, they're not interested in people coming in and being mopey around the training ground, everything is positive.
Facetiming from a couch in his Los Angeles apartment, the 20-year-old songwriter made an observation that'll seem obvious to anyone who has encountered his slurry amalgam of mopey vocals and rim-rattling 808s.
Let "Live and Local" become a reality, or in five years your sales and programming teams will all be moaning that mopey Morrissey tune"Everyday Is Like Sunday … every day is silent and grey.