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1. A household implement made of absorbent material attached to a typically long handle and used for washing, dusting, or drying floors.
2. A loosely tangled bunch or mass: a mop of unruly hair.
v. mopped, mop·ping, mops
To wash or wipe with or as if with a mop: mopped the hallway; mopping the spilled water; mopped her forehead with a towel.
To use a mop to wash or dry surfaces: mopped along the baseboards.
Phrasal Verb:
mop up
1. To clear (an area) of remaining enemy troops after a victory.
2. Informal To perform the minor tasks that conclude a project or an activity.

[Early Modern English map, mop, probably shortening of Middle English mappel, ultimately (perhaps via Medieval Latin mappula, table cloth) from Latin mappa, towel, cloth; see map.]

mop′per n.
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(Professions) a person employed to clean surfaces with a mop
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Noun1.mopper - a worker who uses a mop to clean a surface
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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Already done mixing the day's batches, the mopper reenacted for me how he stirs the tofu in a metal tub with a tool the size of a shovel.
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