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spirit; mood; emotional or mental condition: the morale of the soldiers
Not to be confused with:
moral – ethical: moral responsibility; lesson: the moral of a story; upright, honest, straightforward, virtuous, honorable: a moral woman
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The state of the spirits of a person or group as exhibited by confidence, cheerfulness, discipline, and willingness to perform assigned tasks: The staff's morale increased when everyone was given a day off with pay.

[French, morality, good conduct, from feminine of moral, moral, from Old French; see moral.]
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the degree of mental or moral confidence of a person or group; spirit of optimism
[C18: morals, from French, n. use of moral (adj)]
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emotional or mental condition with respect to confidence, zeal, etc., esp. in the face of opposition, hardship, etc.
[1745–55; < French, n. use of feminine of moral moral]
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1. 'moral'

Moral (/mɒrəl/) can be an adjective, a count noun, or a plural noun.

When you use it as an adjective, it means 'relating to right and wrong behaviour'.

I have noticed a fall in moral standards.
It is our moral duty to stay.

The moral of a story is what it teaches you about how you should or should not behave.

The moral is clear: you must never marry for money.

Morals are principles of behaviour.

There can be no doubt about the excellence of his morals.
We agreed that business morals nowadays were very low.
2. 'morality'

Morality (/məræləti/) is the idea that some forms of behaviour are right and others are wrong.

Punishment always involves the idea of morality.
...standards of morality and justice in society.
3. 'morale'

Your morale (/mɒrɑːl/) is the amount of confidence you have when you are in a difficult or dangerous situation.

The morale of the men was good.
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Noun1.morale - a state of individual psychological well-being based upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purposemorale - a state of individual psychological well-being based upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purpose
mental condition, mental state, psychological condition, psychological state - (psychology) a mental condition in which the qualities of a state are relatively constant even though the state itself may be dynamic; "a manic state"
2.morale - the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeedmorale - the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed
disposition, temperament - your usual mood; "he has a happy disposition"
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noun confidence, heart, spirit, temper, self-esteem, team spirit, mettle, esprit de corps Many pilots are suffering from low morale.
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A strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication to a common goal that unites a group:
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روح مَعْنَوِيَّهمَعْنَوِيَاتٌ
henkinen tila
siîferîisòrek, baráttuvilji
dvasinė būklė
chí khí


[mɒˈrɑːl] Nmoral f
morale was at an all-time lowla moral estaba más baja que nunca
to raise/lower sb's moralelevantar/bajar la moral a algn, animar/desanimar a algn
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[məˈrɑːl] nmoral m
Their morale is very low → Leur moral est très bas.
to suffer from low morale → ne pas avoir le moralmorale-boosting [məˈrɑːlbuːstɪŋ] adj [win, victory] → qui regonfle le moral
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nMoral f; to boost somebody’s moralejdm (moralischen) Auftrieb geben; to destroy somebody’s moralejdn entmutigen; to be a morale booster for somebodyjdm (moralischen) Auftrieb geben
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[mɒˈrɑːl] nmorale m
to raise sb's morale → risollevare il morale di qn
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(məˈraːl) noun
the level of courage and confidence in eg an army, team etc. In spite of the defeat, morale was still high.
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مَعْنَوِيَاتٌ morálka morale Moral ηθικό moral henkinen tila moral samopouzdanje morale 士気 사기 moreel kampvilje morale ânimo настрой stridsmoral กำลังใจ moral chí khí 士气
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n moral f
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References in classic literature ?
The air was spent, and doubtless with the air all their morale .
Perhaps, in these incompatibilities of the "physique" with the "morale," lay the secret of that fitful gloom; he WOULD but COULD not, and the athletic mind scowled scorn on its more fragile companion.
A man cannot allow the heads of a dozen of his best friends to be cut off without feeling a little excitement, and as, since the accession of Mazarin to power, no heads had been cut off, Monsieur's occupation was gone, and his morale suffered from it.
The move elicited a ripple of applause from those sections of seats reserved for the common warriors and their women, showing perhaps that U-Dor was none too popular with these, and, too, it had its effect upon the morale of Gahan's pieces.
Having, naturally, an organization in which the morale was strongly predominant, together with a greater breadth and cultivation of mind than obtained among his companions, he was looked up to with great respect, as a sort of minister among them; and the simple, hearty, sincere style of his exhortations might have edified even better educated persons.
He had amassed a considerable fund of knowledge concerning the disposition and strength of German troops, their methods of warfare, and the various ways in which a lone Tarmangani might annoy an army and lower its morale.
He was enchained by certain superstitious impressions in regard to the dwelling which he tenanted, and whence, for many years, he had never ventured forth--in regard to an influence whose supposititious force was conveyed in terms too shadowy here to be re-stated--an influence which some peculiarities in the mere form and substance of his family mansion, had, by dint of long sufferance, he said, obtained over his spirit--an effect which the physique of the grey walls and turrets, and of the dim tarn into which they all looked down, had, at length, brought about upon the morale of his existence.
The traveler Burton says of it--"Your MORALE improves; you become frank and cordial, hospitable and single-minded....
This bed, famous for having borne the sleep or the sleeplessness of Louis XI., was still to be seen two hundred years ago, at the house of a councillor of state, where it was seen by old Madame Pilou, celebrated in Cyrus under the name "Arricidie" and of "la Morale Vivante".
To evaluate whether increasing the penalties and risks of detection, and higher tax morale, reduces the likelihood of participation in the informal economy in urban areas of the EU28, the dependent variable used is a dummy variable with recorded value one for persons living in urban areas who answered 'yes' to the question: 'Apart from a regular employment, have you yourself carried out any undeclared paid activities in the last 12 months?'.
A study was conducted to find out the relationship between emotional intelligence and morale. All the teachers teaching at university level in Islamabad were taken as population of the study whereas sample was drawn from two public and one private sector university.
Their positive outlook about their profession is called teacher morale. This study is aimed to investigate the morale as predictor of secondary school teachers' performance.