morale booster

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Noun1.morale booster - anything that serves to increase morale; "the sight of flowers every morning was my morale builder"
boost, encouragement - the act of giving hope or support to someone
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'Magiging morale booster itong pagpunta ni Pangulo,' he added.
'I am hopeful that this ladies event will be a morale booster for our golfers and we will try to make it a successful event,' she said.
The team beat eSwatini 3-0 in the first game; a victory, which served as a morale booster for the Botswana ladies.
And Tracy Cartmell did the same as a 'morale booster' for the fire crews and volunteers.
But she admitted the friendly win against Brazil, 10th in the world, was a massive morale booster.
Ochieng revealed that the return of Brian Onyango and Fidel Okoth is a huge morale booster to the team.
Summary: Congress president's presence in Kerala expected to be a morale booster for Congress
Speaking about the collaboration, Ms Leith said: "I really believe beautiful, colourful glasses are a morale booster. I feel distinctly more confident wearing mine.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 6 (ANI): Offering a plethora of positive announcements the Interim Budget 2019 has undoubtedly turned out to be a morale booster for all the stakeholders of the industry.
While noting that no one could bring back a life lost, Adeyemo said the donation was only to serve as a morale booster for serving officers that the state government will not abandon them in times of emergency or casualty.
Joel Villorente, a PDEA agent assigned in Taguig City,, said the relocation is a morale booster for PDEa personnel.