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 (môr′ə-līz′, mŏr′-)
v. mor·al·ized, mor·al·iz·ing, mor·al·iz·es
To think about or express moral judgments or reflections.
1. To interpret or explain the moral meaning of.
2. To improve the morals of; reform.

mor′al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
mor′al·iz′er n.
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nMoralprediger(in) m(f), → Moralapostel m (inf)
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In the latter aspect her d'Urberville descent was a fact of great dimensions; worthless to economics, it was a most useful ingredient to the dreamer, to the moralizer on declines and falls.
Nothing is more truly characteristic of him than the famous incident of his rushing in tears from the room in which he had been writing of the death of Colonel Newcome with the exclamation, 'I have killed the Colonel!' In his books as clearly as in those of the most explicit moralizer the reader finds the lessons that simple courage, honesty, kindliness, and unselfishness are far better than external show, and that in spite of all its brilliant interest a career of unprincipled self-seeking like that of Becky Sharp is morally squalid.
A moralizer might find abundant themes for his speculative and impracticable wisdom in a garret.
the deliberative complacency that results when the moralizer
When I began to read Confucius, I found him to be a prosaic and parochial moralizer; his collected sayings, the Analects, seemed to me an archaic irrelevance.
He relates to the public directly as an equal and an intimate, becoming the satirical pointer or ironic moralizer. In the Erlauer play, Rubinus even serves as a kind of internal prologue signaling, within the Easter Play itself, that a farce is about to begin: Tunc veniet Rubinus proclarnando ludam: Hie lauft Gumpolt, Rumpolt, Harolt, Marolt, Seibolt, Neidolt, Hirolt, Mirolt, Leupolt, Deupolt, Hospolt, Rospolt, Tibolt, Nimdolt, Enchenpolt, Fraunholt, Isandolt, Gundolt, Ranpolt, Und der schon Akcherpolt.
Alan Garcia stands accused - by long-time political opponent and self-styled "moralizer" Fernando Olivera - of owning a costly apartment in Paris and having bank accounts in France.
as an editor, moralizer, translator, and guide for her young readers" (Forcey 230).
And the social worker Ruth, the group's self-righteous moralizer, admits to Oda that she has not made love for thirty-two years and that her idealized husband, whose grave she tends, kept a mistress for twenty-three years.
Polycarp's eschatology is not Paul's, but it is not so clear that Polycarp was the Catholic moralizer Bauer portrays him to be.
Comstock, a tireless moralizer and vice-hunter (supported by Samuel Colgate, the shaving cream czar), attributed juvenile crime to "evil and frivolous" reading of "half-dime novels" and other "hurrah for Hades" publications.
Still, there is some room for the moralizer to maneuver here.