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Noun1.moray eel - family of brightly colored voracious eels of warm coastal watersmoray eel - family of brightly colored voracious eels of warm coastal waters; generally nonaggressive to humans but larger species are dangerous if provoked
eel - voracious snakelike marine or freshwater fishes with smooth slimy usually scaleless skin and having a continuous vertical fin but no ventral fins
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But it also set my heart-racing as I came face to face with a mean-looking moray eel, swam with manta rays, better known as Devil Fish and glided through an eerie barnacle-encrusted shipwreck 80 feet below the surface.
Her menu also includes chargrilled moray eel, which she cooks on embers in her garden.
Just like the moray eel he often compares himself to, DamiA n lives hidden from sight.
Roy Tapper with the colourful Moray Eel he reeled in during a trip to Fuerteventura
become the moray eel, then turn into a toucan &
The honeycomb moray eel, which has very bad eyesight and relies on its sense of smell, will also be on display.
And in the Bahamas, while he was snorkeling with his ecology students, a moray eel mistook a glint from his wedding ring for a small fish and nearly ripped his finger off.
Around each bend of the circular offshore reef was another surprise - a blue-lipped clam, a clownfish (like Disney's Nemo) guarding an anemone, a shy octopus, a spiky lion fish and a sinister moray eel.
"A moray eel on a butterfly jig, on a wreck in 74 feet of water--came up in a ball, wrapped around the whole thing.
Print color images of the following animals: water spider, box jellyfish, three-toed sloth, black widow spider, moray eel, and slow lofts.