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a. Bitingly sarcastic: mordant satire.
b. Incisive and trenchant: an inquisitor's mordant questioning.
2. Bitingly painful.
3. Serving to fix colors in dyeing.
1. A reagent, such as tannic acid, that fixes dyes to cells, tissues, or textiles or other materials.
2. A corrosive substance, such as an acid, used in etching.
tr.v. mor·dant·ed, mor·dant·ing, mor·dants
To treat with a mordant.

[French, from Old French, present participle of mordre, to bite, from Vulgar Latin *mordere, from Latin mordēre; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]

mor′dan·cy n.
mor′dant·ly adv.
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Meanwhile, mordantly comic "Medal of Honor," the sophomore feature from Romanian Calin Peter Netzer, becomes ever more engaging as the ironies mount.
The resultant palimpsests are mordantly funny exercises in compelling the immovable object of conventional representation to meet the irresistible force of postmodern gamesmanship.
He is known here, if at all, for his mordantly understated drama about postwar political repression, When Father Was Away on Business.
Much more suited to fest sidebars than the full glare of Cannes' competition, this fourth feature by the Singaporean helmer, who mordantly chronicles marginalized characters in the comfy island republic, looks set for only brief exposure beyond festival gigs.
The Confucian values woven into Korean life for a thousand years persist in the primacy of family relations and in the sense of all Koreans as part of a single kinship system, but war, politics, and the artificial grafting of technological modernity onto an insular, agrarian culture have jumbled ancient customs, rendered the traditional moral code quaint, and produced the abundant inequities and absurdities underwriting the contemporary social order so mordantly satirized in Barking Dogs Never Bite.
But then Errol Morris, a man whose most tasteful and accessible work is a mordantly funny documentary on pet cemeteries, is a pretty unusual fellow, and The Thin Blue Line is a very odd film.
Gordon and Strysik advance their mordantly outrageous yet perversely logical narrative through the steady accumulation of unlucky breaks, impulsive decisions and ironic twists.
Information" (the title refers to the artist's use of charts, graphs, diagrams, and lists throughout the show, and nods to MOMA'S 1970 survey of Conceptualism) was full of punchy and often mordantly amusing work, but its quick-hit glossiness tended to deflect sustained consideration.
The phrase has an honorable pedigree, deriving from Trotsky's mordantly accurate dissection of the Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union.
For all its rigor, however, Strunz's stark work can also be mordantly humorous, as was evident in Yesterday's Echoes, 2.
Recycling the trio of butchers from his 2003 surprise hit "House of 1000 Corpses," pic is a brutal, punishing yet mordantly amusing work that far outpaces its predecessor in its grisly single-mindedness of vision.
The three-disc set (each volume with its own deluxe jacket containing the disc and a short brochure) includes Debord's six films in chronological order, his collaborative video with Cornand, two mordantly ironic trailers, and a volume of documents related to the films.