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 (môr′dnt, môr-dĕnt′)
A melodic ornament in which a principal tone is rapidly alternated with the tone a half or full step below.

[German, from Italian mordente, from mordere, to bite, from Vulgar Latin *mordere, from Latin mordēre; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Music, other) music a melodic ornament consisting of the rapid alternation of a note with a note one degree lower than it. Also called: lower mordent
[C19: from German, from Italian mordente, from mordere to bite]
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(ˈmɔr dnt)

a melodic embellishment consisting of a rapid alternation of a principal tone with the tone a half or a whole step below it, called single or short when the auxiliary tone occurs once and double or long when this occurs twice or more.
[1800–10; < German < Italian mordente biting < Latin mordent-, s. of mordēns, present participle of mordēre to bite; see -ent]
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[ˈmɔːdənt] Nmordente m
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For this, one would expect KWS to have a cautionary note to visitors, have a mordent warning system like electric bells and alarms and provide protective gear to tourists.
Dixit, Synthesis, Characterization and Dyeing Assessment of Novel Acid Azo Dyes and Mordent Acid Azo Dyes based on 2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxybenzophenone-5-Sulfonic Acid on Wool and Silk Fabrics.
For example, a mordent used to accentuate a note should be played with a faster and crispier touch while a long trill for sustaining effect should be played with a lighter and more flexible touch.
Cependant, ces courroies de transmission sont-elles, du reste, des soupapes de securite a des besoins d'utilite et de consommation de plus en plus pressants?A voir les defaillances notoires dont font preuve certaines compagnies adjudicataires, on conviendra, malheureusement, que cette experience accusent des grabuges, dans bien des cas, a travers le royaume, Les parties delegataires qui ont injecte le budget des contribuables pour attenuer leurs charges journalieres, pour manque de savoir-faire en la matiere et de carence de ressources humaines suffisantes, se mordent les doigts de ne pas etre assez vigilantes pour finaliser un cahier des charges assez redhibitoire a l'encontre de la partie beneficiaire, en cas de bevue litigieuse.
177) --Je ne le dis ni ne le pense, moi, repondit Sancho; et que ceux qui mordent a ce conte le mangent avec leur pain.
Mordent led Ateneo in scoring with 16 points but La Salle just had too many weapons with Kim Fajardo, Majoy Baron, Kim Dy and Desiree Cheng delivering for the Lady Spikers.
Moreover, we witness how in some of these scenes Eco moves with great ease from being funny to applying mordent irony and erudite umorismo.
<< Lait quand t'as donne Elle t'a blaspheme: Tete, petit, suce, Suce et pleure plus Que chiens te mordent, Chiens et serpents Et encore les monstres Les chiens sauvages Et ceux du desert Et encore les betes De tous les endroits.