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 (mə-rĕl′, mô-)
Any of various edible mushrooms of the genus Morchella, characterized by a cap with irregular pits and ridges.

[French morille, from Old French, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *maurīcula, feminine diminutive of Latin Maurus, Mauritanian, Moor; see Moor.]
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1. (Plants) any edible saprotrophic ascomycetous fungus of the genus Morchella, in which the mushroom has a pitted cap: order Pezizales
2. (Cookery) any edible saprotrophic ascomycetous fungus of the genus Morchella, in which the mushroom has a pitted cap: order Pezizales
[C17: from French morille, probably of Germanic origin; compare Old High German morhila, diminutive of morha carrot]
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any edible mushroom of the genus Morchella, characterized by a deeply furrowed, brownish cap.
[1665–75; < French, Middle French morille, perhaps « Medieval Latin maurus brown]
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Noun1.morel - any of various edible mushrooms of the genus Morchella having a brownish spongelike capmorel - any of various edible mushrooms of the genus Morchella having a brownish spongelike cap
mushroom - any of various fleshy fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota consisting of a cap at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium
genus Morchella, Morchella - genus of edible fungi: morel
common morel, Morchella esculenta, sponge morel, sponge mushroom - an edible and choice morel with a globular to elongate head with an irregular pattern of pits and ridges
cup morel, Disciotis venosa - an edible morel with a cup-shaped or saucer-shaped fruiting body can be up to 20 cm wide; the fertile surface inside the cup has wrinkles radiating from the center; can be easily confused with inedible mushrooms
bell morel, Verpa - a morel whose fertile portion resembles a bell and is attached to the stipe only at the top
black morel, conic morel, Morchella angusticeps, Morchella conica, narrowhead morel - a morel whose pitted fertile body is attached to the stalk with little free skirt around it; the fertile body is grey when young and black in old age
Morchella crassipes, thick-footed morel - a delicious morel with a conic fertile portion having deep and irregular pits
cow's head, half-free morel, Morchella semilibera - a morel with the ridged and pitted fertile portion attached to the stipe for about half its length
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[mɒˈrɛl] n (mushroom) → morchella
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Morel, the orderly, brought some hot water in a saucepan and placed a bottle of claret in it.
(pig's lemonade), and Morel spoke well of the limonade de cochon he had found in the kitchen.
Their conversation was interrupted by the cries of several voices at the gate and by Morel, who came to say that some Wurttemberg hussars had come and wanted to put up their horses in the yard where the captain's horses were.
CHITRAL -- The collection of black morels in the highland pastures and forests has started proving to be a substantial source of earning for the people in different valleys of both Upper and Lower Chitral districts whose price has surged as high as Rs14,000 per kg.
When my buddies came home from Vietnam in 1973, we decided we needed to cut loose and hit the woods in search of those delicious morels. Since it was a little late for mushrooms in our area, we decided we would head to Michigan to a locale we now refer to as our "Private Patch." We headed out on our adventure in a camper truck, ready for the hunt.
the Morels lived, is situated, part I then moves to the justly famous
This summer has brought a bounty of morels in the blackened landscape.
Worldwide morels mushrooms (Morchella spp.) are highly cherished and easily recognizable forest resources of edible fungi.
Both diagrams place the Morel family within that community and show the different linguistic relationships of individual Morels to other members of the family and to this community.
"It's really important to bring attention to the fact that fresh morels and porcinis are so seasonal," notes Salvo.
This spring I found a morel and was eager to try it because the book described morels as prized mushrooms.