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n. pl. morgen or mor·gens
A Dutch and South African unit of land area equal to 2.1 acres.

[Dutch, morning (referring to the amount of land that can be plowed in a morning), from Middle Dutch morghen.]


1. (Units) a South African unit of area, equal to about two acres or 0.8 hectare
2. (Units) a unit of area, formerly used in Prussia and Scandinavia, equal to about two thirds of an acre
[C17: from Dutch: morning, a morning's ploughing]
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Noun1.morgen - a South African unit of measure equal to about 2 acres
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
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Goeden morgen, mynheer, eth teen begeeray le weeten the ge sond heets omstand.
The Austin multifamily portfolio provided The Hayman Company a unique opportunity to acquire a substantial portfolio of apartment complexes with excellent amenities in an outstanding location," says Morgen J.
Although claiming to write the history of the women's health movement, Morgen focuses her analysis on feminist health clinics, creations of the women's health and free-clinic movements, which promoted self-help, female empowerment, and social change.