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 (môr′ə-bŭnd′, mŏr′-)
1. Approaching death; about to die.
2. On the verge of becoming obsolete: moribund customs; a moribund way of life.
3. Barely active or in use, especially after a period of intense activity: a moribund stock market.

[Latin moribundus, from morī, to die; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]

mor′i·bun′di·ty (-bŭn′dĭ-tē) n.
mor′i·bund′ly adv.


1. the state or quality of being on the verge of death.
2. close to extinction or stagnant. — moribund, adj.
See also: Death
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New "book jacket designers," Peter Mendelsund and Oliver Munday, were hired to "reimagine the cover" in an effort to save the journal from moribundity.
There had been the target National Match version before WWII, resurrected as the Gold Cup in the latter 1950's, the decade in which Jeff Cooper almost single-handedly brought the 1911 pistol back from moribundity.
20) Jacobs goes on to state that "the death or the stagnated moribundity of formerly unassailable and vigorous cultures is caused not by assault from outside but by assault from within, that is, by internal rot in the form of fatal cultural turnings, not recognized as wrong turnings while they occur or soon enough afterwards to be correctable.
While this allows his challenge greater potency, the principle Naranappa stands for never quite manages to shake off the air of gruesome moribundity.
Actually, it is the intelligentsia among us, secular or religious, who may be better acquainted with spiritual moribundity.