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morph 1

An allomorph.

[From morpheme.]

morph 2

One of various distinct forms of a species (such as color variant) or of an organism during different parts of its life cycle.

[From Greek morphē, form, shape.]

morph 3

v. morphed, morph·ing, morphs
To transform (an image) by computer: cinematic special effects that morphed the villain into a snake.
To be transformed: "By morning all his hurt feelings had morphed into mischief" (Dana Adam Shapiro).

[Shortening of metamorphose.]
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(Linguistics) linguistics the phonological representation of a morpheme
[C20: shortened form of morpheme]


(Biology) biology any of the different forms of individual found in a polymorphic species
[C20: from Greek morphē shape]


1. (Computer Science) to undergo or cause to undergo morphing
2. to transform or be transformed completely in appearance or character: he morphed from nerd into pop icon.
(Computer Science) a morphed image
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1. a sequence of sounds or letters constituting the physical realization of a morpheme in a specific context.
2. Biol.
a. an individual of one particular form, as a worker ant, in a species that occurs in two or more forms.
b. a locally distinct population of a polymorphic species.
3. to transform (an image) by computer.
4. to be transformed: morphing from a tough negotiator to Mr. Friendly.
[1945–50; back formation from morpheme, or independent use of -morph]
mor′phic, adj.


var. of morpho- before a vowel: morphallaxis.


a combining form meaning “form, structure,” of the kind specified by the initial element: isomorph.
[< Greek -morphos; see -morphous]


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Verb1.morph - cause to change shape in a computer animation; "The computer programmer morphed the image"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
2.morph - change shape as via computer animation; "In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther"
contort, wring, deform, distort - twist and press out of shape
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[mɔːf] Nmorfo m
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[ˈmɔːrf] vise transformer
to morph into sth → se transformer en qch
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Summary: New Delhi [India], June 5 (ANI): The Cyber Crime Unit of Delhi Police arrested 26-year-old man for allegedly blackmailing and extorting girls using morphed pictures and videos.
It then morphed into a celebration of all presidents.
Summary: Telangana police say two women who levelled allegations against MP morphed his photo and circulated it in media to back up their account
However, the RSS hit back saying"some divisive political forces"that did not want Mukherjee at the RSS event were behind the morphed photo."Some divisive political forces have posted a morphed photo of Pranab Mukherjee...,"RSS Sahsarkaryavah Manmohan Vaidya said in a statement.
According to a statement issued here by Inter Services Public Relations Thursday, 'The drone strike on 24 January in Spintal, Hangu district was on individual target, who had morphed into Afghan Refugees and not any organised terrorists sanctuary which have been eliminated.
'The drone strike on 24 January in Spintal, Hangu district was on individual target who had morphed into Afghan Refugees and not any organized terrorists sanctuary which has been eliminated,' the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated in a press release.
Summary: The picture was morphed and distorted, which sent out a completely negative message against India
For example, the material could be controllably morphed to reflect light in its 2D spaces and absorb light in its 3D shapes.
Fully active + fully passive morphed wing (a) and HT TUAV; (b) no active + no passive morphed wing and HT TUAV; (c)--TUAV before flight; (d)--upper technical view of TUAV (mm s are used).
That's what a 29- year- old Delhi man allegedly did when he downloaded photographs of girls and morphed them only to blackmail his unsuspecting targets.