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n. pl. mor·pho·ses (-sēz)
The manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development.

[Greek morphōsis, process of forming, from morphoun, to form, from morphē, form.]


n, pl -ses (-siːz)
(Biology) biology development in an organism or its parts characterized by structural change
[C17: via New Latin from Greek, from morphoun to form, from morphē form]
morphotic adj
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Wheeldon first asked him to teach and rehearse one of his ballets, There Where She Loved, on a Morphoses tour to Vail International Dance Festival in 2008.
Whatever the reason, comparatively few people were at Symphony Hall to hear the UK premiere of Jukka Tiensuu's False Memories I-III: Morphoses for Orchestra.
In 2007 the precocious Wheeldon left the alpha-dog New York City Ballet, where he had been a soloist and then resident choreographer, to found his own company, Morphoses, and since has been calling upon an astounding international network of dancers and choreographers to fill its ranks season by season.
She wants to bring Morphoses, the troupe she co-founded with Wheeldon, on board as a new-choreography resource.
Ash, who spent eight years in the corps of New York City Ballet, has also performed with Bejart's Ballet Lausanne, Alonzo King's LINES Ballet, and Morphoses.
Working with choreographers Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot, now also the director of NDT (see "Quick Q&A," March), on Softly As I Leave You when she was a member of Morphoses was "one of the best experiences of my career.