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n. pl. mor·pho·ses (-sēz)
The manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development.

[Greek morphōsis, process of forming, from morphoun, to form, from morphē, form.]


n, pl -ses (-siːz)
(Biology) biology development in an organism or its parts characterized by structural change
[C17: via New Latin from Greek, from morphoun to form, from morphē form]
morphotic adj
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Following the devastating flood brought by Hurricane 'Katrina' in 2005, Morphosis Architects designed the Float House.
Chosen from 36 teams, the shortlist includes OMA with KOO Architects, Johnston Marklee with UrbanWorks, and Morphosis with STL Architects.
Southern California-based architecture firm Morphosis Architects was selected in 2014 to design the new facility on the sprawling, 44-acre hilltop site.
The delegation groups representatives from Deremaux company for packaging, Morphosis company for recycling ampules, Seliance company and Simop company.
The delegation will include Deremaux, a manufacturer of ampoule filling machines and Morphosis, which is a modern and innovative company specialising in the recycling and analysis of the lifecycles of electrical and electronic equipment.
As part of his studies, he was awarded design internships at such progressive architecture firms as CRAB Studio in London, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT in Barcelona, and Morphosis in New York.
Teteh and Associates, Kenya's Morphosis Limited and third place Sharon Davis Design of New York, United States.
In addition, L.A.-based Morphosis chose to introduce a recycling sewage system in its proposal so as to allow the water in the power plant be reused.
The courthouse, which opened in 2006 and set the standard for the others, was designed by Pritzker Award-winning architect Thom Mayne and his firm, Morphosis of Santa Monica, Calif.
From the early design stages, the founder of Morphosis Architects Thom Mayne and his team integrated the mural and four other immersive installations in the cafe and unexpected"discovery rooms" throughout the new building: an art programmeme engineered to provoke creative thinking."The entire building is designed to spur imagination and innovation and sometimes unintentional interactions," said Patricia Harris, chief executive of Bloomberg Philanthropies.
Morphosis Architects of Culver City, California, is the architect for the project.
Morphosis, which won the Innovation in Building Award;