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The totality of possible body shapes that a species or other taxon can assume as it evolves, or that an organism can take as it develops, as defined by genetic, ecological, or other factors.
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Scientists Define Morphospace to Evaluate Viability of Artificial Organs
The Nile group in this defined morphospace was entirely separated by the first CV from the red groups, while red 1 and red 2 were mainly separated along the second CV.
lenok tsinlingensis took negative values and positive values along PC1 in the morphospace plot, respectively.
When grouped by drainage, several individuals from the Sacramento-San Joaquin system occupy areas of morphospace that differentiate them from all other Cottus individuals measured (Fig.
This mechanistic approach to shape has a long history in biology, and our work suggests how tinkering with just two functional forms could allow evolution to move through the two-dimensional morphospace of egg shapes."
We created a size-standardized morphospace for 120 specimens (6 specimens were excluded because of damage) with the Allometric Burnaby technique (Burnaby, 1966) implemented in the software PAST, vers.
The r value or the coefficient of determination and p value obtained to determine if there is correlation between the relative warp scores of coordinates and IQ scores show no relationship between facial morphospace and IQ (Figures 5 and 6, Table 6).
These will include maximum likelihood approaches for assessing character dependence, new methods for quantifying disparity and amount of morphospace occupation, rarefaction analysis for assessing differences in morphological disparity, statistical methods for estimating rates of character change, and sensitivity analyses.
Although specimens with GSL greater than 23.0 mm largely overlap in the morphospace of our PCA (Fig.
Parallel evolution of plumage pattern and coloration in birds: implications for defining avian morphospace. The Condor 110: 599-614.