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In ihren wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen, die sich durch eine gute Kenntnis des Materials und eine methodisch sichere Darlegungsweise auszeichnen, standen die wotische Morphologie, Morphosyntax und die Lexik im Mittelpunkt.
Unlike the latter two however, perspective, as an independent take of the speaker on the state of affairs, would not work mainly diachronically but would actively interfere with morphosyntax, bypassing the pragmatic and semantic make up of the actual sentence under expression.
The problem with using this part of morphosyntax for evidence in favor of certain phonological analyses is that the best evidence we have that the morphosyntax of aspectual verbs is in fact more like inflection or derivation comes from the phonological evidence, i.e., the intervocalic laxing or deletion of v and k.
Linguists consider the use of morphosyntactic parameters and parameters beyond morphosyntax in contemporary synthetic studies.
Innerhalb der Linguistiksektionen standen die folgenden Themen zur Diskussion: 1) Rekonstruktion der Grundsprache und Schlusselprobleme der Uralistik; 2) Kontakte des Uralischen zu anderen Sprachen; 3) Phonetik und Phonologie der uralischen Sprachen; 4) Morphologie und Morphonologie der uralischen Sprachen; 5) Morphosyntax und Syntax der uralischen Sprachen; 6) Lexikografie und Lexikologie; 7) syntaktische Stilistik und Semantik; 8) Onomastik und Onomasiologie der uralischen Sprachen; 9) Probleme bei der Entwicklung und dem Funktionieren der Schriftsprachen; 10) Dialektologie der uralischen Sprachen; 11) Unterrichten uralischer Sprachen an Schulen und Universitaten.
It is essential to work out how this basic language could have developed, and what its organizing principles might be: there is no sense in separating out morphosyntax from the other organizing principles, because by doing so, one deprives oneself of the very means to understand why morphosyntax developed at all.
For individuals interested in working in the field of functional grammar or morphosyntax in general, and for researchers specializing in descriptive linguistics.
After an opening chapter overviewing research methods in the field, sections are devoted to language relatedness, language boundaries of the region, defining the sesquisyllable, and explorations in MSEA morphosyntax. Some specific chapter topics covered include local drift and areal convergence in the restructuring of MSEA languages, the Mekong-Mamberamo linguistic area, and morphological functions among Mon-Khmer languages.
The morphological feature bundles associated with fully inflected wordforms may simply be mapped to sets of syntactic constraints describing LFG f-structures in order to provide a modular, natural, and explanatory account of the morphosyntax of case stacking.
For simplicity's sake one could limit the question to "classic Finno-Ugristics", but the result would be similarly extensive, ranging from the phonetics and phonology of single languages to dialectology and historical morphosyntax, etc.
The studies reflect recent research trends in the description of Ethiopian languages, all dealing with linguistic problems at the interface of morphosyntax and semantics/pragmatics.
Recently Johanna Laakso has expertly presented the difficulties confronting both convergenge and divergence theories (or contact theory and traditional comparativistics) in clarifying the earlier history of the relationships between languages (interlinguistic relationships), particularly in the area of morphosyntax, at that (Laakso 1999).