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morph 1

An allomorph.

[From morpheme.]

morph 2

One of various distinct forms of a species (such as color variant) or of an organism during different parts of its life cycle.

[From Greek morphē, form, shape.]

morph 3

v. morphed, morph·ing, morphs
To transform (an image) by computer: cinematic special effects that morphed the villain into a snake.
To be transformed: "By morning all his hurt feelings had morphed into mischief" (Dana Adam Shapiro).

[Shortening of metamorphose.]


(Linguistics) linguistics the phonological representation of a morpheme
[C20: shortened form of morpheme]


(Biology) biology any of the different forms of individual found in a polymorphic species
[C20: from Greek morphē shape]


1. (Computer Science) to undergo or cause to undergo morphing
2. to transform or be transformed completely in appearance or character: he morphed from nerd into pop icon.
(Computer Science) a morphed image


1. a sequence of sounds or letters constituting the physical realization of a morpheme in a specific context.
2. Biol.
a. an individual of one particular form, as a worker ant, in a species that occurs in two or more forms.
b. a locally distinct population of a polymorphic species.
3. to transform (an image) by computer.
4. to be transformed: morphing from a tough negotiator to Mr. Friendly.
[1945–50; back formation from morpheme, or independent use of -morph]
mor′phic, adj.


var. of morpho- before a vowel: morphallaxis.


a combining form meaning “form, structure,” of the kind specified by the initial element: isomorph.
[< Greek -morphos; see -morphous]


ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.morph - cause to change shape in a computer animation; "The computer programmer morphed the image"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
2.morph - change shape as via computer animation; "In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther"
contort, wring, deform, distort - twist and press out of shape


[mɔːf] Nmorfo m


[ˈmɔːrf] vise transformer
to morph into sth → se transformer en qch
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In this task, participants accepted the digitally created morphs around half of the time, while a basic computer model could correctly identify morphs over two-thirds of the time.
Maevia inclemens is an unusual jumping spider (Salticidae) because there are two male morphs that are strikingly distinct not only in morphology but also in courtship behavior (Clark 1994).
Eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) are found in two main color morphs: a gray morph and a darker melanistic morph (Koprowski, 1994).
ROLL up, roll up - here is new Doctor Who sidekick Bradley Walsh as a villainous circus ringmaster who morphs into an evil clown, in a BBC spin-off.
Thus, the number of visits may vary in relation to several floral design features, such as color (Waser & Price 1981), size (Conner & Rush 1996), nectar production (Mitchell 1994) and morphs (Husband & Barrett 1992), many of which have not been extensively studied in reproductive systems such as tristyly, in which populations are composed of 3 floral morphs that already mentioned, can influence the behavior of their visitors.
PureGym mascots - known as 'morphs' - will be appearing in different places around the city throughout January.
Common female-only morphs or gynomorphs are the cream-colored vertebral striped and reticulated patterns.
The legs of both colour morphs have dark stripes typically found in mimetic castianeirines (Figs 1-6).
Long-winged morphs are flight-capable, whereas short-winged morphs fly little or cannot fly, although intermediate morphs may also occur in certain species (Tanaka et al.
All other coloured morphs will pay a cut price of pounds 5.
These orange and yellow "Morphs" will be adding an element of surprise to guided walks taking place today and next Wednesday at the National Trust property near Rothbury in Northumberland.
Nearly 200 Morphs drew an even larger crowd of human onlookers at the Tate Modern gallery on London's South Bank.