mortar fire

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Noun1.mortar fire - artillery fire delivered by a mortarmortar fire - artillery fire delivered by a mortar
artillery fire, cannon fire - fire delivered by artillery
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Indian forces commenced mortar fire at around 3am and damaged civilian property in the area.
After many abortive attempts, the Indians on July 5, 1999 ringed the posts of Captain Karnal Sher Khan with the help of two battalions and unleashed heavy mortar fire and managed to capture some part of one of his posts.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- At least four civilians were killed and six more were wounded in Damascus' Jermana neighborhood that came under mortar fire by Jabhat al-Nusra Takfiri group.
RAWALPINDI -- An innocent citizen, Farooq son of Ali Akbar embraced Shahadat and three other civilians got injured when Indian troops initiated mortar fire in Nikayal sector on Saturday.
Kotli: One citizen was killed while three others were injured on Saturday as Indian soldiers initiated mortar fire in Thurti Narr village outside Nikayal sector in Kotli district of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.
The Occupation forces struck fourHamas positions, with tanks and aircraft, in Beit Hanun in northern Gaza in response to the mortar fire.
No group has so far claimed the responsibility of the mortar fire. (end) sbk.mb
Summary: The Israeli air force hit Syrian government forces after mortar fire from its war-wracked neighbor struck the Israeli-occupied zone of the Golan Heights Sunday, the military said.
The Israeli Air Force struck a military target in Syria in response to mortar fire which landed in the Golan Heights in the north.
BAy[currency]DAT (CyHAN)- Four suicide bombings targeting Iraqi security forces and civilians and mortar fire that struck houses near Baghdad killed at least 17 people on Monday, security and medical officials said.
Possible war crimes include the shelling of living areas by Israeli troops and airplanes, and the indiscriminate rocket and mortar fire by Hamas directed at Israeli civilians.