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 (môr′yə-lə, môr′ə-)
n. pl. mor·u·lae (-lē′)
The spherical embryonic mass of blastomeres formed before the blastula and resulting from cleavage of the fertilized ovum.

[New Latin mōrula, feminine diminutive of Latin mōrum, mulberry.]

mor′u·lar adj.
mor′u·la′tion n.
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n, pl -las or -lae (-ˌliː)
(Biology) embryol a solid ball of cells resulting from cleavage of a fertilized ovum
[C19: via New Latin, diminutive of Latin morum mulberry, from Greek moron]
ˈmorular adj
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(ˈmɔr ʊ lə, -yʊ-)

n., pl. -las, -lae (-ˌli)
the mass of cells resulting from the cleavage of an ovum before the formation of a blastula.
[1855–60; < New Latin, = Latin mōr(um) mulberry + -ula -ule]
mor′u•lar, adj.
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The ball of cells produced from a fertilized cell after three days. See zygote.
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Noun1.morula - a solid mass of blastomeres that forms when the zygote splitsmorula - a solid mass of blastomeres that forms when the zygote splits; develops into the blastula
conceptus, fertilized egg, embryo - an animal organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation that in higher forms merge into fetal stages but in lower forms terminate in commencement of larval life
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n. mórula, masa esférica y sólida de células que resulta de la división celular del óvulo fecundado.
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Durante el desarrollo postfertilizacion hasta la formacion del blastocisto ocurren una serie de eventos biologicos de suma relevancia, como la formacion del zigoto, la primera division celular, la activacion del genoma embrionario, la compactacion de la morula y la formacion del blastocisto (10).
The inclusion body that contains the organism is called a morula, due to its "mulberry-shaped" appearance (Figure 1).
Push the 16 cells together to form a sphere (morula).
The dispute was taken to court after sacked Vundla and took control of production of the show created by Vundla from his Morula Pictures shingle and Endemol South Africa.
Especificamente en el complejo OEIS y en el complejo cuerpo extremidad se ha sugerido que puede tener este defecto su origen en el periodo de la blastogenesis (13-15) que comprende entre la fecundacion y el dia 28; durante este tiempo el ovulo fecundado se desarrolla como morula, blastocisto, se realiza la gastrulacion, desaparece la cavidad corionica y ademas, en la cuarta semana se lleva a cabo el plegamiento convirtiendo el embrion en un cilindro (Cuadro 1) eventos determinantes para el normal desarrollo del periodo embrionario, que se inicia el dia 29 y finaliza en la semana 8 postfecundacion (semana 10 de amenorrea), dando paso al periodo fetal que se continua hasta finalizar el embarazo (13).
Once there are 32 cells, it is called a morula. With additional cell division, the morula becomes an outer shell of cells with an attached inner group of cells.
On day 0, fathead minnow embryos (n = 240) at blastula and morula developmental stages were gathered from mating tiles in the husbandry unit at Brixham Environmental Laboratory.
Embryo stage was defined as blastocyst, morula, multi-cell, or dead.
Forty survived to the "compacted morula" stage (3-4 days), then 30 to the blastocyst stage (5-7 days).