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n. pl. mo·sha·vim (mō′shä-vem′)
An Israeli cooperative settlement consisting of small separate farms.

[Modern Hebrew môšāb, from Hebrew, dwelling, from yāšab, to sit, dwell; see wṯb in Semitic roots.]
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(Hebrew mɔˈʃav)
n, pl -shavim (-ʃaˈvim)
(Agriculture) a cooperative settlement in Israel, consisting of a number of small farms
[C20: from Hebrew mōshābh a dwelling]
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n., pl. mo•sha•vim (ˌmoʊ ʃɑˈvim)
a cooperative community in Israel made up of small farm units.
[1930–35; < Modern Hebrew < Hebrew mōshābh dwelling]
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Noun1.moshav - a cooperative Israeli village or settlement comprised of small farms
small town, village, settlement - a community of people smaller than a town
Israel, State of Israel, Yisrael, Zion, Sion - Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine
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* WWOOF with the Locals Participants in WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Israel can enroll in a variety of hands-on experiences that are located variously at a kibbutz, a moshav, a farm or a private home.
"A Train from Kazablanka to a Moshav or a Developing Area." [In Hebrew.] Iyunom bitkumat Israel(2005): 581-614.
Rivlin was born in Moshav Herut, an agricultural community in today's central Israel.
It meant that Shlomo Carlebach would be on Moshav Me'or Modiim for Shabbat, a frequent event that would attract a plethora of Jews (and some non-Jews) to an impromptu Shabbat retreat.
The reinforcement of IDF troops began on Monday, following the firing of a long-range rocket which destroyed a home in Moshav Mishmeret, some 120 km from where it was launched in Rafah.
Second, I have limited my discussion here to border kibbutzes and do not include other types of settlement (moshav settlements, urban ones, and Nahal outposts) because my purpose is to look at the connection, in a time of cultural change, between emotional resilience in the face of fear on the one hand and social status and cultural capital on the other.
Police have so far identified nine victims as: Ella Or, from the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim; Gali Belali, from the central city of Givatayim; Agam Levi, from Moshav Herut in central Israel; Shani Samir, from the central town of Shoham; Adi Ra'anan, from the coastal community of Mikhmoret; Yael Sadan and Maayan Barhum from Jerusalem; Romi Cohen, from Moshav Maor in the north and Tzur Alfi, from the central town of Mazekeret Batya.
Table 1 Mothers' Demographic Characteristics Mother Birth Education Occupation Marital Residence of Year status + number of children Ophir 1973 Master's Housewife Married +2 City degree Adi 1960 Bachelor's Allied health Married +3 Moshav degree profession (cooperative community) Itai 1970 Master's Lawyer Married +3 Community degree settlement Tom 1967 Bachelor's Allied health Married +3 Community degree profession settlement Idan 1965 Bachelor's Allied health Married +3 Community degree profession settlement Table 2 Children's Demographic Characteristics Child's Birth Birth School Age Name year order framework of DX Ophir 1999 1st Elementary 5 (accompanied by teaching aid) Adi 1998 2nd Elementary 8 (assistance from special ed.
Agriculture is a way of life in a moshav. At first, the concept of farming your own land without hiring outside help was encouraged, but as the farms grew, the need for outsourced labor increased.
Ruebner's memories are vivid moments that make up the gallery of his consciousness, so that just as he visits Paul Klee's Angelus Novus, Marc Chagall's The Fall of Icarus, and the Zen paintings in museums, he revisits his little sister who is "forever thirteen years old," his Freemason father who planned on becoming a poultry farmer somewhere like Moshav Shavei Zion, and his lost son, all of whom haunt his poetry.
Therefore few kibbutzim were established during the 1950s, and priority was given to the moshav settlements that were more attractive to immigrants because they allowed more individual freedom.