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frenzied dancing characterized by jumping about, pushing and shoving others to music, particularly loud punk rock, hardcore, or heavy metal music
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intr.v. moshed, mosh·ing, mosh·es
To knock against others intentionally while dancing at a rock concert; slam-dance.

[Perhaps alteration of mash.]

mosh′er n.
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The 1997 hit is often played at the end of parties at Durham University's St Mary's College, and a tradition has formed where students stampede into the centre of the room when the line "and through it all" is sung and start "moshing" - vigorous dancing where people often collide with each other.
moshing, and their mosh pits were genetically more gentle
A source says: "Craig was having a great time and started to act like he was at a real party - all the extras loved it, dancing and moshing. The director loved it as it made the scene more authentic."
The rest of the night was the typical blur of spilled beers, fist fights in the parking lot and drunken moshing. Bands played but the skating was louder than the music--as it should be.
Until Tuesday night, I didn't consider the relatively laid back sounds of the group to be prime moshing music but it turns out that I am quite mistaken, as demonstrated by the young fans at the front of the Music Hall stage who not only moshed, but did so vigorously enough to make security staff twitchy.
This type of MOSHing does not include head-banging to metal music; it's all about embracing the 'Multiple Occupant Shared Home' and challenging the traditional household structure.
Fortunately, the Brummie fanbase has embraced the change and despite a couple of plaintive pleas to "play a moshing song!", the Swedish prog titans stuck to their guns at the Academy.
This was because I came of age in the heyday of moshing. For the uninitiated, moshing is a form of dancing that involves pushing and slamming into your fellow audience members.