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Noun1.mosquito bite - a sting inflicted by a mosquitomosquito bite - a sting inflicted by a mosquito  
insect bite, sting, bite - a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin
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This species can lie dormant, then rise up to infect your blood months or years after the mosquito bite.
Ossai stressed that sleeping under insecticide-treated net also helps in preventing mosquito bite and malaria.
"Mosquitoes are important vectors for disease all over the world, and there's a lot of interest in non-chemical mosquito bite protection," said Robert Hurt, a professor in Brown's School of Engineering and senior author of the paper.
A DEVOTED Liverpool FC fan has died, after a mosquito bite in Sri Lanka left him "locked inside his own body".
In areas with new combination beds, there was also a 51 per cent reduction in risk of a malaria infective mosquito bite. Children sleeping under the new bed nets were 52 per cent less likely to be moderately anaemic, which is a major cause of mortality in children under two years, the research showed.
Ziaullah Khan said that dengue fever caused due to mosquito bite and could be fatal in several cases, adding that the mosquito mostly breeds on fresh water ponds and bites at the time when sun rises and sun sets.
[13] The cause of dengue as mosquito bite was known to all the participants in the present study.
The Spill the Water campaign also provides tips and resources to help parents safeguard their children as well as tools to help teachers engage their students in mosquito bite prevention.
To date, there have been no cases acquired as a result of a mosquito bite in the United States, but the edge of the outbreak continues to creep north.
Jane Jones, a spokesperson for PHE, said, 'The increase in the numbers of people returning with dengue fever is concerning so we want to remind people of the need to practise strict mosquito bite avoidance at all times to reduce their risk of becoming unwell.
Ulcerative dermatitis secondary to feline herpesvirus (FHV) infection is an uncommon disease that can sometimes resemble other cutaneous diseases, such as eosinophilic granuloma and mosquito bite hypersensitivity.
Mosquito Bite Cups, made from premium dark chocolate and filled with a delicious lime and chilli sauce, can be used in numerous dessert products giving manufacturers the chance to offer something novel to consumers.