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Each had a bedstead and a mosquito net for all furniture.
MULTAN -- The demand of mosquito net has been increased in the summer season as most of the people prefer nets to protect them from mosquitoes and other insects.
IBAAN, Batangas - It may sound like a Spanish term, but the Les KuHLiemBo stands for this town's primary products: TamaLes, (a native delicacy), Kulambo (mosquito net), Habi (manual weaving) Liempo (grilled pork belly) and Tubo (sugarcane).
He claimed that it was the first time that every person in the district had been given a mosquito net. He said that up to three nets were given to every family.
Will President Rodrigo Duterte also show his 'kulambo' (mosquito net) to Chinese President Xi Jinping?
Wattles states that his series of One Hundred Views of Musashi, which includes this month's cover image, Mosquito Net and Full Moon at Shinagawa, "appropriates perspective, format, and style from Katsushika Hokusai, the most prolific and recognized Japanese artist of the late Edo period." Wattles and others suggest that English painter Charles Wirgman, who in 1861 went to Japan on assignment as the visual reporter for London Illustrated News, influenced and may have briefly instructed the print maker.
BASF SE, Germany (BASF) has received a recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO) for Interceptor(r) G2, a long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net (LN) based onchlorfenapyr.
Med shot, mother and baby in bed under mosquito net
These can be explained by the fact that households with small rooms often complain of high room temperature at night which prevents sleeping under mosquito nets. Also, in a large family, there is very low likelihood that everybody will sleep under a mosquito net.
Sleep under a mosquito net that is impregnated with insect repellent.
"The pain I felt and went through, it's what so many people go through, all because they don't have a mosquito net which could save their life.
Wanting to help, Marc, a Shell LiveWIRE winner and founder of Kujali, designed a stylish protective iPad mini cover and with every purchase of this item his company gives a mosquito net or a lifesaving treatment to protect a child in Africa from malaria.