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(môs′tro͞o′pər, mŏs′-)
1. One of a band of raiders operating in the bogs on the borders of England and Scotland during the 1600s.
2. A plunderer; a marauder.
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Noun1.moss-trooper - a marauder and plunderer (originally operating in the bogs between England and Scotland)
marauder, piranha, predator, vulture - someone who attacks in search of booty
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Little Walter's father was a kindly Scots lawyer, but he came of a good old Border family, "A hardy race who never shrunk from war."* Among his forbears had been wild moss-troopers and cattle-reivers, lairds of their own lands, as powerful as kings in their own countryside.
The door panels were in a normal state of smash, but the frame of the door resisted all besiegers, and behind it the owner carried on his varied pursuits--much in the same state of mind, I should fancy, as a border-farmer lived in, in the days of the moss-troopers, when his hold might be summoned or his cattle carried off at any minute of night or day.