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adv. Music
With motion or animation. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, past participle of muovere, to move, from Latin movēre; see meuə- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Music, other) music to be performed with rapidity. See also meno mosso
[Italian, past participle of muovere to move]
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* Cannon's work is not unconnected with that of Mosso, who maintains, as the result of much experimental work, that "the seat of the emotions lies in the sympathetic nervous system." An account of the work of both these men will be found in Goddard's "Psychology of the Normal and Sub-normal" (Kegan Paul, 1919), chap.
In this case the Queen is Margherita of Italy and the professor is Signor Mosso, the astronomer, who studies the heavens from an observatory on Monte Rosa.
company in Poland, Mosso Kwasniewscy Sp.J., and a wholly-owned
The first song is a gentle barcarolle, the second is lively larghetto mosso, where the piano paints the hesitant movement of the birds who alight but do not eat the crumbs.
Non-participation in university constrains career possibilities, employability and social mobility (being the ability to move between social strata) and, hence, obstructs improvements in peoples' quality-of-life that would result by moving from LSES to middle or high socioeconomic status (Cupitt et al., 2016; Heckman & Mosso, 2014).
science major Arenthia Mosso is busy registering voters at Benedictine University in Lisle.
Mosso's ergography was done to assess the performance of flexors of the fingers of the non-dominant hand against a load of 2.5 kg.
There is an extensive literature on estimation of the production function of skills (see Heckman and Mosso, 2014, for a comprehensive survey); however, this literature does not identify the causal impact of parental time on completed education (typically due to lack of data on parental time investment).
They will perform Mozart: Piano Concerto K467, second movement; Chopin: Nocturne in E flat, Op 9 No 2; Louis Theodore Gouvy: Piano Quintet in A Op 24, I Allegro giocoso, II Larghetto mosso, and III Allegro con brio.
Le terme mosso y designe tour a tour un jeune homme travailleur, un frere celibataire reste a la maison pour aider son aine qu'il pourrait remplacer si necessaire ou un homme de confiance specialise dans des taches particulieres, par exemple le travail des champs ou la garde des troupeaux (2).