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Noun1.motel room - a sleeping room in a motelmotel room - a sleeping room in a motel    
bedchamber, bedroom, sleeping accommodation, sleeping room, chamber - a room used primarily for sleeping
motel - a motor hotel
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Michigan State Police were investigating the case of "suspicious" deaths after two adults were found dead in a motel room in Whitehall on Friday.
But in the case of Deon Moore, charged with shooting his cousin Larry Moore, 33, to death in an Elk Grove Village motel room, they agree on one point.
If you can, time your visit to check out Electricity, an immersive gay dramedy performed in a motel room at INNdulge in Palm Springs (, where a handful of ticketholders sit mere inches from the action.
Inside the motel room, Gaspan said authorities found sachets of shabu, a cellular phone allegedly being used in the drug transaction, and other items, including cash.
According to police, Neal and Rulli "aggressively demanded" the victim's money and personal items before Neal ran from the motel room and Rulli took off in the victim's car.
Evidence found during a warrantless police search of a motel room could be introduced against a defendant who had been invited to sleep in that room, the 1st U.S.
The three suspects forced their way inside the victim's motel room and began viciously assaulting him.
Police said Laude, whose former name was Jeffrey, was found with her head resting on the motel room's toilet bowl, apparently after being drowned.
CAMARINES SUR -- A man and a woman were found dead and charred last night inside a motel room at around 10:30 pm in the town of Goa in this province, police said.
After same-day discharge, she stayed in a motel room to avoid a second-floor bedroom at home.
Picture America: Bibles in hotel rooms So far, I haven't been in any hotel or motel room in the U.S.
The HR worker needed hospital treatment after a glass light fitting fell and hit her in the face while she was romping with a male friend in a motel room.