mother's boy

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Noun1.mother's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mothermother's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mother; lacking normal masculine interests
son, boy - a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is"
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He had quite decided to be his mother's boy, but hesitated about beginning to-night.
He was his mother's boy, devotedly helping her to serve customers at her roast goat meat kiosk at Kariokor market.
It's match day and mother's boy junior bank clerk Private Frank Pike (Ian Lavender) is already getting his blue-and-whitestriped kit off the hanger.
Gary Amers makes Aladdin a proper North East mother's boy, desperate to win the hand of Princess Jasmine.
Nonetheless, the younger Sean Burnside, playing mother's boy Private Frank Pike, is so believable as the scarf-wearing Pike that it would be intriguing to see if he is anything like his character off stage
John Barrowman John Barrowman RELEASED in time for Mother's Day, mother's boy John Barrowman , right, remains Britain's closest thing to Barry Manilow by a nose.
Like the 1998 remake of "Psycho," this redo of Daniel Mann's 1971 hit, about the mother's boy with a burgeoning rodent fetish, is completely unnecessary, and won't scare up business in theaters or on video.
She is also a quarter of the way through writing a script about incest, provisionally titled Mother's Boy, for the BBC.
Muse and mistress to Flaubert, that monkish mother's boy writer, steeped in syphilis, round whom his household tip-toed in awe, poverty was the least of Louise's worries.
And Nurse equally walks that Alan Bennett-like fine line between wry smiles and heart-rending pathos, with its leading man being subsumed under a welter of latex make-up to switch effortlessly from elderly Jewish chatterbox to obese housebound mother's boy, and bi-polar '70s rocker to agoraphobic, body-building ex-convict.