mother's milk

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Noun1.mother's milk - milk secreted by a woman who has recently given birth
milk - produced by mammary glands of female mammals for feeding their young
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While I was young I lived upon my mother's milk, as I could not eat grass.
He had lived (without being aware of it) on those spiritual truths that he had sucked in with his mother's milk, but he had thought, not merely without recognition of these truths, but studiously ignoring them.
Your mother's milk has hardly dried on your lips and you want to go into the army
Why, my lord, if they were even so many babies, fed on mother's milk, what do you think they'd care for an alderman
And with regard to what you say, senor, of your son having no great opinion of Spanish poetry, I am inclined to think that he is not quite right there, and for this reason: the great poet Homer did not write in Latin, because he was a Greek, nor did Virgil write in Greek, because he was a Latin; in short, all the ancient poets wrote in the language they imbibed with their mother's milk, and never went in quest of foreign ones to express their sublime conceptions; and that being so, the usage should in justice extend to all nations, and the German poet should not be undervalued because he writes in his own language, nor the Castilian, nor even the Biscayan, for writing in his.
The man who had spoken to him was clearly a Cockney, with the clean lines and weakly pretty, almost effeminate, face of the man who has absorbed the sound of Bow Bells with his mother's milk.
Why, boy, thy mother's milk is yet scarce dry upon thy lips, and yet thou pratest of standing up with good stout men at Nottingham butts, thou who art scarce able to draw one string of a two-stone bow.
The world was full of his name; I--so to speak--drew it in with my mother's milk.
Mother's milk not nourishin', that's what it was, because she didn't have the right stuff to eat.
They accused him of having been suckled by a doe, and of having drunk in cowardice with his mother's milk.
At thy behest I will shake off that nature Which from my, forefathers I did inherit, Which with my mother's milk I did imbibe, And be no more Politian, but some other.
Mother's milk offers many benefits, including providing antibodies that defend babies against diseases and enable immune development, a process of utmost importance among premature and sick babies.