mother fucker

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Noun1.mother fucker - insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
dirty word, vulgarism, obscenity, smut, filth - an offensive or indecent word or phrase
disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
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I am a young, black, rich mother fucker," said Wayne after Davis clarified.
discussing tropes like bitch and mother fucker, and what such tropes might mean for black male and female relations).
Entonces se enojo y me dijo mother fucker, son of a bitch, I'm going to shoot you.
That capitalist, objectifying, mother fucker comes out and I am
Of course, there are complications, inasmuch as Snow is, as Sergio puts it, the "slipperiest, most conniving mother fucker on the face of the Earth.