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n. Vulgar Slang
1. A person regarded as despicable.
2. Something regarded as unpleasant, frustrating, or despicable.

moth′er·fuck′ing adj.


taboo slang chiefly US a person or thing, esp an exasperating or unpleasant one. Often shortened to: mother


(ˈmʌð ərˌfʌk ər)

n. Vulgar Slang.
one considered to be despicable, frustrating, etc. (used as a general expression of contempt or anger).
moth′er•fuck`ing, adj.
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Noun1.motherfucker - insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
dirty word, vulgarism, obscenity, smut, filth - an offensive or indecent word or phrase
disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
fils de putainfils de pute


[ˈmʌðəˌfʌkəʳ] N (US) → hijoputa m, hijaputa f


[ˈmʌðərfʌkər] n (mainly US)enculé(e) m/f
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It's a gang of motherfuckers out here on some 'Fuck YG' shit," YG says.
Jehovah and Allah are lollipops for the motherfuckers who find
These motherfuckers come in the tunnel, thinking it's a good idea.
I live my whole life with my dukes up in this pugnacious stance, and a lot of it has to do with keeping the motherfuckers away with their stupidity and their reduction, because I am mystery to myself and I am certainly not an open book to you.
In the 1960s, Osha Neumann--partly as an act of rebellion against the hyper-rationalist atmosphere of his youth growing up in a household intellectually dominated by his father Franz Neumann, the German American political theorist known for his analyses of National Socialism, and later his stepfather Herbert Marcuse, prominent member of the Frankfurt School--became a founding member of New York's Lower East Side radical group, Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers (the name borrowed from the line of a poem by Amiri Baraka, then known as LeRoi Jones), which engaged in confrontational demonstrations that frequently led to violent conflict with the police, years before the emergence of the Weathermen.
They're a bunch of redneck, racist motherfuckers, but the statements they make are true.
When I'm done with Iraq there's going to be ten motherfuckers left standing and they're all going to be saying USA number one.
Jarheads scream in anticipation of the helicopters' strafing of the seaside village: "Shoot the motherfuckers," yells Gyllenhaal's Swofford.
But honestly, if those motherfuckers think that Ashcroft has hired 25 prosecutors to get me and that's it, then they are unbelievably delusional.
Stephens credits such anarchistic countercultural groups as the Yippies, Diggers and Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers with fashioning new and in some cases effective forms of resistance that shunned the New Left's "grim seriousness" and the older radicals' commitment to ideology.
For the first sixteen years of her life, Claireece Precious Jones (but "only motherfuckers I hate call me Claireece") wants one thing from her mother: the older Ms.
Cause that fight, that was Eddie and Brown, and it dont' mean nothing but two sorry motherfuckers not being able to live without each other.