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1. One's native land.
2. The land of one's ancestors.
3. A country considered as the origin of something.


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) another word for fatherland
2. another word for fatherland


(ˈmʌð ərˌlænd)

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Noun1.motherland - the country where you were born
country, land, state - the territory occupied by a nation; "he returned to the land of his birth"; "he visited several European countries"
old country - the country of origin of an immigrant


noun native land, homeland, fatherland, country of origin, mother country Central to our belief is a love for the motherland.
مَسْقِط الرِّأس، الوَطَن الأُم
ættjörî; föîurland


[ˈmʌðəlænd] Npatria f; (more sentimentally) → madre patria f


[ˈmʌðəˌlænd] mother country nmadrepatria, patria


(ˈmaðə) noun
1. a female parent, especially human. John's mother lives in Manchester; (also adjective) The mother bird feeds her young.
2. (often with capital. also Mother Superior) the female leader of a group of nuns.
to care for as a mother does; to protect (sometimes too much). His wife tries to mother him.
ˈmotherhood noun
the state of being a mother.
ˈmotherless adjective
having no mother. The children were left motherless by the accident.
ˈmotherly adjective
like a mother; of, or suitable to, a mother. a motherly woman; motherly love.
ˈmotherliness noun
ˈmother-country, ˈmotherland (-land) nouns
the country where one was born.
ˈmother-in-lawplural ˈmothers-in-law noun
the mother of one's husband or wife.
ˌmother-of-ˈpearl noun, adjective
(of) the shining, hard, smooth substance on the inside of certain shells.
ˈmother-tongue noun
a person's native language. My mother-tongue is Hindi.
References in classic literature ?
From all mountains do I look out for fatherlands and motherlands.
Alien to me, and a mockery, are the present-day men, to whom of late my heart impelled me; and exiled am I from fatherlands and motherlands.
If the people yield, well and good; but if they resist him, as he began by beating his own father and mother, so now, if he has the power, he beats them, and will keep his dear old fatherland or motherland, as the Cretans say, in subjection to his young retainers whom he has introduced to be their rulers and masters.
For my country-people there is but one real home, but one motherland."
Yea, and from a still more potent influence: the worn castaways were to see the blessed land again!--and to see it was to bring back that motherland that was in all their thoughts.
"I came from the end of the earth," he said, which rather seemed to confirm the Cape Town story, "bringing me Motherland the secret that would give her the empire of the world.
I say much maligned because the reason it was called the treaty of guarantee was not because it enabled the use of force as an instrument of guarantee but because the RoC gave an undertaking to prohibit the Greek Cypriot community from seeking union with Greece and the Turkish Cypriot community from seeking partition, and their undertakings were guaranteed by their motherlands.
Mayor Aka Kacou pointed out 'the significance of Motherlands Beckons could be impactful not only in calling the Diaspora to come back to their root but in also stoking the embers of creativity in those at home at making sure they make adequate preparation for those coming home to roost'.
It is a matter of motherlands existence and our own existence, he said.