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Adj.1.motherlike - suggestive of or acting like a mother
maternal - characteristic of a mother; "warm maternal affection for her guest"- Dorothy Sayers
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In his campaign, also in on- the- boil western UP cities such as Baghpat and Moradabad, the 43- year- old has been calling himself a ' passionate gau rak- shak', swearing not to spare those slaughtering the ' motherlike holy animal.' On Saturday, he campaigned in Ghaziabad with ' the same gusto.' The cow has become a political tool in UP u particularly in its western pockets still living in the shadow of Muzaffarnagar riots u ahead of the state elections in 2017.
Particularly strong is the representation of motherhood: the tactile portrayals of Elsa holding Mari, the touch of skin, and the motherlike bond between Lin and Mari, too, are poignantly conveyed.
Holgado Fernandez (2001) argues that within the Cuban Revolution one can only be very macho or very motherlike; there is no room for chosen identities (2001, 320).