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Adj.1.motional - of or relating to or characterized by motion
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A representative said that the agency relied on a pro motional company to distrib ute its adverts and added that they would look into the issue.
Entangling gates performed by coupling the internal states of ions in the same potential well via their shared motional mode have recently reached the high fidelities necessary for the implementation of quantum error correction protocols which can enable fault-tolerant qip.
Alongside a snap of Victoria, David, Brooklyn and Kim all looking super stylish, the star wrote: motional day for @mrkimjones X so pleased to be here for you x kisses from Paris.
Establishing his dancing career in the late 90s, Azazi pioneered the experimental whirling and repetition that reflects an artistic and motional analysis of Sufi dance.
Healy noted that DHA in particular is incorporated into cell membrane phospholipids where it increases the motional state of the molecules and thereby alters protein functions.
This gendered creativity was captured in the interconnection between their own experimental bohemian lives and a motional poetic force in their poetry that joined the expression of female experiences and poetic innovation.
motional During emotional scenes the Archdruid, after announcing the winner's name and what had happened to him, placed a black shroud over the chair and it has been known as the Black Chair ever since.
E MOTIONAL tributes to the muchloved legend Arnold Palmer, including a minute's silence, were the order of the first day at the 81st edition of the Masters.
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that appears depending upon non-progressive damage and causes activity limitation in the ever-developing brain; it affects permanent motional, postural, and sensory functions, which might have a serious impact on an individual's quality of life (1,2).
The US singer got Into The Groove to become the latest in a line of superstars to hop in with the British comedian for a motional singalong.
The physiological parameters of the cardiovascular system have a high level of correlation with brain activity, including the performance of motional tasks [17,18].
e] motional abuse [including, but not limited to,] [cjonsistently doing or saying things to shame, insult, ridicule, embarrass, demean, belittle, or mentally hurt another person.