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Adj.1.motional - of or relating to or characterized by motion
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In the first series of this adorable, emotional motional and funny Supervet 182 homeless Newcastle Shelter were new owners campaign Now Animal Live is back super-sized the Raystede Animal Welfare East Sussex.
Justin Th an em to h Do sseAo heroux has bid motional farewell his rescue dog olly.
Justin Th an em to h Do sseAo "T aft stru loyal f and prote heroux has bid motional farewell his rescue dog olly.
Physics informs us that because molecules in water are much closer together than they are in air, motional energy is transferred faster and sound waves travel 4.8 times faster in water than in air, at almost a mile per second.
Entangling gates performed by coupling the internal states of ions in the same potential well via their shared motional mode have recently reached the high fidelities necessary for the implementation of quantum error correction protocols which can enable fault-tolerant qip.
The government's most recent incentives was to provide 50% support for shipping costs to Africa and the Export Development Authority would provide some logistical incentives to African countries' pro- motional missions.
Motional Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Alcohol & Your Health website.
And so, you can imagine my rapture during the opera's soaring motional climax--the scene after the trial when Arvin asks Ned to commit suicide with him.
A representative said that the agency relied on a pro motional company to distrib ute its adverts and added that they would look into the issue.
Alongside a snap of Victoria, David, Brooklyn and Kim all looking super stylish, the star wrote: motional day for @mrkimjones X so pleased to be here for you x kisses from Paris."
The effect relates to greater motional dynamics of the cross-linked framework versus cellulose due to greater crystallinity and extensive hydrogen bonding of the native biopolymer network [39].
Pei and Yu [14] studied the motional characteristics of the flexible fibers in the airflow inside the Murata vortex spinning (MVS) nozzle.