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Adj.1.motional - of or relating to or characterized by motion
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(1) Water in the cell walls is motionally restricted and conventionally considered bound water.
(Comparing effectiveness of individual and marital motionally focused intervention based on decreasing relationship distress of couples with chronically ill children].
Sanford, "Motionally induced electric and magnetic fields in the sea," Journal of Geophysical Research, vol.
"But I found it hard "But I found it hard " motionally. After " motionally.
Weidelt, "Motionally induced electromagnetic field within the ocean," Inst.
Now, for the first time since Newton, two American inventors: Richard and Robert Dickson of AINW LLC, a Kirkland, Washington intellectual property development firm, provide a coherent and logical explanation of gravity not as a universal force, but rather as a universal effect of matter interacting with a postulated quantum level wormhole matrix of space-time, which is motionally active, appearing and disappearing, constantly at the Planck unit level.
"And just because children have oved on in their lives, it doesn't ean they will move away from you motionally. They will still need your upport and advice.
With the addition of 1,8-cineole, the spin probes were transferred from the motionally more restricted component 1 to the more mobile component 2, suggesting that 1,8-cineole causes ruptures in the hydrogen-bonded network of the membrane-water interface, with consequent displacements of spin probes towards the hydrophobic core.
"Children shouldn't view things that they're note motionally able to deal with."
Co-writers Jihad Hojeily and Rodney Al Haddad show great affection and empathy for theire motionally torn characters, raversing familiar territory without a hint of cynicism.
I saw her come in and I knew what numbers got here motionally so I called the set.