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Having or making no motion.

mo′tion·less·ly adv.
mo′tion·less·ness n.
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Adv.1.motionlessly - without moving; in a motionless manner; "he saw the black-haired man waiting motionlessly behind the opposite side of the platform"
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References in classic literature ?
Fedallah was motionlessly leaning over the same rail.
He lay motionlessly for a space and sobbed out a breaking heart.
For some moments they listened minutely and motionlessly among the foliage, and ere long Joe seized Kenedy's hand as he heard a sort of rubbing sound against the bark of the tree.
Peg listened to the sermon, silently and motionlessly, until Mr.
Lady and unicorn kneel to one another, and the latter, like an infant who "motionlessly thinks / His circling thoughts" (2.196-97), seems to the narrator to be "lovable, helpless and absurd" (2.202).
Frida muses over the special status accorded to poets in her native land when she observes her uncle hovering motionlessly over a bowl of melting ice cream at the dinner table, which makes her wonder whether he notices his surroundings at all:
(9) It's only bifurcated into two basic images: the image of one "Who motionlessly towered / His bronze head shining in the darkness / He, whose momentous will had started / The capital above the waters" and the image of Evgeny-Parasha.
After the two-hour concert, the singer moved in front of the stage and stood motionlessly with a faint smile.
for the first time since my interview with the apartment 'committee that screens potential tenants,' i saw the three dogs in the window of the house with the screened-in porch, the dogs were standing almost motionlessly, staring in the same direction, somewhere there is a picture of this, didn't take another picture tonight.