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Having or making no motion.

mo′tion·less·ly adv.
mo′tion·less·ness n.
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Noun1.motionlessness - a state of no motion or movement; "the utter motionlessness of a marble statue"
state - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
fixedness, immobility, stationariness - remaining in place
motion - a state of change; "they were in a state of steady motion"
References in classic literature ?
There was a strange motionlessness of everything in that pretty little cabin.
But she, too, grew pale and thin; and the nervous activity of the poor little hands and arms only emphasized the pitiful motionlessness of the once active little feet and legs now lying so woefully quiet under the blankets.
He has a power likewise of realizing and conveying to the consciousness of his reader abstract and elementary impressions, silence, darkness, absolute motionlessness, or, again, the whole complex sentiment of a particular place, the abstract expression of desolation in the long [99] white road, of peacefulness in a particular folding of the hills.
Then comes a sense of sudden motionlessness throughout all things; as if those who bore me (a ghastly train
They were wild, bold, ravenous; their red eyes glaring upon me as if they waited but for motionlessness on my part to make me their prey.
United's motionlessness with the academy is still affecting the Under-23s, who have won two of their 17 matches this term and are eight points adrift from safety with five fixtures remaining.
This language of passivity and resignation that characterizes Minou's view of New Orleans is further reinforced by the repeated references to the ailing female body: the dying Genevieve (Minou's mother-in-law) is compared to a swollen pig that can only cause repulsion (92-93), and the recurring image of the white girl Margaret Soniat (Shelton's surrogate mother), who suffers from a degenerative muscle condition and is gradually confined to her bed (6) suggests not only motionlessness and stagnation, but also a slow, painful death.
Limited to the non-progressive rocking indoors and the motionlessness of death, the drunkard's wife in Johnson's text emblematizes interiority, passivity, submission and non-productivity.
This is evidenced by the related presumption that the Germans assume an "essentialist view of culture," a claim that evokes not only notions of a cultural essence within the German people but also an idea of permanence, motionlessness, and inalterability.
And while he's trapped in the house for the time being, he's been making the most of his motionlessness, finalizing plans for Everybody Looking, his fifth major label album and first since 2010's The Appeal.
Quite the contrary, Rolston says: the crane is a wild, autonomous, instinctive life whose integrity and energy contrast with the motionlessness of an artistic painting.
In the late century, Wilson, another well known neurologist who studied the copper metabolism inside the human body especially in the brain and got a disease named after him, said that catalepsy is a "state of sustained motionlessness with or without clouding of the sensorium" and concluded that it was usually hysterical.